Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embrace The Camera: Close Ups & Playtime

Raine has made some leaps and bounds in development this week. He started talking up a storm around 10 months old saying things like "I get" and "kitty kat". When he started finally working on crawling and walking though he sort of just babbled. He was very focused on getting around rather than talking my ear off. Now that he's mastered mobility like a champ (all that worry over my late bloomer for nothing!) this week he's started saying all sorts of crazy words and phrases. Things I didn't even know he was picking up!

Yesterday he stood at the safety gate between our living room and dining room (which he can open on his own, by the way. There is no containing this child) and my dog was blocking his way. Raine started screaming clear as day "Stop! Get out!" repeatedly at him. What??! Imagine this if you will, this little boy who barely stands up to this 130 lb Rottweilers chest screaming at him to basically move the heck out of his way. Michigan's (the dog) response? Repeated licks to little boys face.

He uses "get out" for everything now from yelling at the dog to telling us he's done in the tub. "I get" is still his go to phrase because it's the precursor to him getting into least I get a warning ;D and apparently tonight he started saying "uh oh" which is pretty typical I guess for kids his age. Today, when Aunty Melinda interrupted The Amazing World of Gumball for a few snuggles he struggled out of her arms screaming something to the effect of "nooo gummball!". I'm in trouble....

Now that he's more vocal it's much easier for him to communicate when he wants playtime with mommy or snuggles. Here's a few pictures from our silliness this week...

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  1. so adorable!!! I love that stage when they are learning to youngest is still there too! He wants to be just like big brother!!! Love your blog!!

  2. Oh my goodness that smile is contagious!

  3. Yea for munchkin snuggles!
    Great photos!
    Happy Embracing!

  4. So sweet, he looks just like you momma!

  5. Beautiful moments! I love the one with Raine just resting his head while you read -heart melting :)