Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embrace The Camera: Easter

Today's embrace the camera post comes courtesy of my bestie, Melinda. She always thinks to grab the camera and take a few shots because she knows how much it irks me when I have no pictures of myself actually in the shot. This time the only camera available was my iPhone. Being new to the iPhone she accidentally ended up taking a few pictures in the hipstamatic app instead of the phones regular camera. I have no complaints though because check out how awesome they came out....

 Melinda makes sure Jimmy embraces the camera too ;)

Marc (Melinda's boyfriend and also one of my besties) makes sure to get a shot of the three of us. 

Just another example of how some mistakes can rock!

Linking up with Emily over at The Anderson Crew for Embrace The Camera


  1. Love those hipstamatic prints! Cute shots!

  2. Great shots ... as the one who is always snapping away, I do get a bit eeked when I am in none of the photos ... it's like I don't exist:)

    Loving the blue hair!!

  3. These are great pictures! Yay for friends :)

  4. Such cute pictures and I LOVE your hair! Xo Lori