Friday, April 27, 2012

Who you gonna call?

Yesterday we went and looked at yet another round of houses with our realtor. It's getting tedious, I'll admit. We head out with so much hope and usually come home with one or two homes that we liked but then begins the process of completely debating them to death. In the end we end up not buying anything at all because nothing is "good enough" but this little issue of ours is not the point of this post. Stick with me, it gets better. Oh, and if you're skittish you might want to turn the lights on....

We headed up to a little town just outside of ours in hopes of finding the perfect house. It's an older town, rich with history, quiet, and it seemed like a close knit community that I would like to raise the rug-rats in. What I really mean is it's quiet and everyone leaves you the heck alone so Jimmy could live out his days being the grumpy old man-person that he is. Because honestly, I don't know what Jimmy is going to do in his old age if he can't stand out on his porch with his wild Doc Brown-type hair looking like a pedophile yelling at some small children to get the hell out of his yard. ;)

The first house we looked at was just....weird but the second one was a beautiful old victorian and we all know how I feel about those. When we pulled up to the house I was definitely smitten with the property. Nice yard, house looked to be in decent shape, etc. The inside of the house was nice but definitely dated. It had a sound structure but was in need of a lot of cosmetic things and updating. No big deal really but this place was HUGE and loaded with nooks, crannies, and random secret passageways. 

Usually when we go look at a house I wonder aimlessly trying to get a feel for the place. Sometimes I separate from the group (Jimmy and our realtor) to do my own thing and other times Jimmy is right up my rear end looking at things around me being all annoying which is why, when I felt a hand on my side gently pushing me aside, I assumed it was was not

I was in the second floor bedroom standing in a doorway looking out into the attached sun porch when I felt Jimmy put his hand on my right hip from behind almost as if to move me aside so he could peek in to see the porch too. I turned around to tell him that I'll move when I am damn good and ready only to find nobody there. Jimmy and my realtor were busy inspecting a bedroom two doors down the hall! I was alone in the room....apparently losing my mind. 

I brushed it off as one would easily do when they assume that they are simply losing their minds (again.).....(yep, going insane is a frequent thing for me).....(I mean, I'm currently off my meds after all) and I hurry off to find Jimmy. 

I stopped to peer into another bedroom and felt a hand on the small of my back lightly push me into the room. Maybe more like guide me into it. I turned and of course nobody is there and my spidey sense started tingling. For a minute I wondered if maybe all these friday nights watching A Haunting marathons weren't finally starting to get to my head. 

It's not like I walked into this house and said to myself "ooohh, old and creepy victorian. Must be haunted". In fact, the house was bright and chipper and inviting. Not once did I get the impression that there were ghosts so it seems doubtful that I was imagining these things as it was the furthest thing from my mind. That being said, I could only come to two possible conclusions.....I'm a certified nut job (stop laughing) or this was a bonafide haunted house........Well it's about stinkin time!

I caught up with James and our realtor and we headed up to the third floor (I said this place was big) and about halfway up the stairs I feel something touch my neck and my hair brush back. Both Jimmy and our realtor were ahead of me at the top of the stairs. No one was behind me at all. At this point I am pretty hopped up on adrenaline and shaking a little. Thankfully the house tour was up so we headed out.  

When we got to the car I filled Jimmy in and he said nothing of interest happened to him and while this may lend validity to the fact that I am insane it seems highly doubtful because I could run up to Jimmy right now and kick him in the crotch and he'd be none the wiser. Yeah, he's that oblivious sometimes. I wasn't about to broach the subject with our realtor either only because I figure she probably already regrets taking us on as clients anyway. No need to give her any more reasons to question our sanity. 

Oh, and as far as the house? As cool as the whole experience was, they are going to have to drop the price a little if I am expected to deal with the paranormal.

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