Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Lose It app and just getting serious about getting healthier in general. I know, just shut up about this, right? But we (yes, Jimmy too) have finally gotten serious about our health and have stuck to a diet and exercise routine for three weeks now. I'm down 6 pounds! Jimmy is down 1 pound but that's because people at work keep feeding him junk and the words "No", "Thank", and "You" do not combine together properly in Jimmy's vocabulary. 

I have been doing well with 90 minute workouts five days a week and Jimmy has been increasing his fitness level slowly as he never really had a level to speak of before now. We have been sticking to eating and making healthier meals at home. All this is what we have always done but I think counting calories with the Lose It app on our phones (you can also use them online and it's free!) has kept us accountable. My goal is literally only 19 measly pounds away. Well, I shouldn't say that. My REAL goal is to be healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. I'd love to continue this routine to maintain that. 

Thinking about
Taking a vacation. We have been throwing around the idea but every time it comes up in discussion we find one excuse or another to put it on the back burner. With all this house hunting stress and everything else going on though I think we could really use a time out.....in the bahamas....on a beach.....with a drink and a good book. 

Many things. I have Raine's birthday party and a friends baby shower to plan. Neither of them will be hard to do but I have to squeeze them both in a month apart from each other so the pressure is on a tad. Nothing I can't handle of course but I may want to actually make and get the invites out sometime soon!

Listening to
The soft whir of Raine's white noise machine. This kid loves to sleep so it's a constant sound in this house. It makes me kind of sleepy which, now that I think about it, is probably why the dang kid sleeps so much! Maybe I should shut it off. 

Working on
Living in the now and enjoying the moment. I have been so caught up in thinking about our future that I may have been neglecting our present a little. I don't want to do that though. Raine is getting bigger every day and I don't want to miss that while I "prepare a life for him". So I am working on not obsessing over what our future may hold and instead focusing on my family and making sure I enjoy today. Seems simple enough but trust me, it's not always so. 

Nothing much recently. Got any suggestions? Movies? Shows? A documentary on the creator of french fries, perhaps? 

Public transportation was a little bit better where I live or that maybe I owned a car that drove itself to my desired destination. I feel like Raine and I don't get out of the house enough. I'll at least need to consider moving to a place with plenty of places to walk to. 

 This post was totally inspired by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I love evil teddy bears anyway...

Did I ever tell you about that time I died? Oh, I didn't? That's probably because I don't even remember it. My mom tells me about it all the time and I do remember little bits here and there of the hospital and waking up from my "supposed" coma. I say "supposed" because my mom has a flare for the dramatic (and now you know where I actually get that from) and could have very well made the whole story up. Although my aunt and grandfather have both verified the story so I guess it must have happened. Parts of it anyway. She still could have embellished a little. ;)

Allegedly I was sick with the flu. My mother was doing everything in her power to get me to keep down fluids but it wasn't going down so well and I would either throw it up or pass it the other way. I'm told at some point I was playing in the kitchen (how sick could I have really been if I was playing in the kitchen?!) when I suddenly looked up at my mom, turned green, puked, and then passed out on the floor. I'm sure this part is exaggerated but I can only imagine this is exactly how it seemed to go down for my mom. I mean, could you even stand to see your kid pass out? Total mommy freak out moment I bet. In fact, if Raine did this to me I'd probably once again turn green, puke, and then pass out.

Of course, I'd probably assume that I was living in a real life version of The Exorcist and actually call a priest. Raine turning Kermit the Frog green is a sure sign of demon possession, I'm guessing. Best not to take any chances.

Moving on...

So my parents rushed me to the hospital where at some point I "died" for a brief moment.  Well, according to mom it was minutes....like twenty or something which again is obviously an exaggeration because I doubt I'd be able to write this blog post if that were the case. I'm guessing it was more like thirty seconds. I'm pretty sure that's what grandpa told me.

By the way, this all happened around Christmas time I guess. My mother never neglects to mention that bit of information when telling this story but I am not sure how it's relevant. It's like "How dare you die on me at Christmas time!" ..... as if I had any choice in the matter.

So I died and like I said, I don't remember any of this which really sucks because that would have been a great story to tell. I'm sure you were expecting some great recounting of how I followed the light and saw some angels and maybe even a relative or two but nope. No story of awesomeness to tell sadly. I was only three or four so I chalk it all up to being way too far back to remember. I'm lucky to remember the last couple minutes sometimes.

As mentioned, I do remember waking up. I remember them taking the I.V. out of my arm which is like a toddler's nightmare. Never mind that I had just died, get that dang needle away from me! I remember my dad making me a balloon out of a latex surgical glove and I remember my grandfather giving me a teddy bear which I still actually have....I guess that's more proof that it happened somewhere outside of my mother's imagination.

I found that old teddy bear today tucked up safe in my closet. She's a little worn and missing an eye from a puppy we had that is long since grown up and passed on. That teddy was well loved when I was a kid but now she sort of embodies all my mommy fears when I realize where she came from. I couldn't imagine going through something like that with Raine. I can't imagine how my mom must have felt.

They say it's a mother's job to worry. I say that worry is what helps us keep our children safe. But sometimes things happen that we can't control. That doesn't mean we should go through life in constant fear that these things that may never actually happen, will. We would miss out on so much life if we gave ourselves over to that fear. Nevertheless, I find myself falling victim to it every once and awhile. I'm sure all mommies do.

I guess all it takes is an old abandoned teddy bear to remind me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Instagram Lovins

This weekend has been about relaxing and recovering and it's been SO much better these last two days than it's been the past week. I'm hoping this is a good indicator of what next week will be like. I promise, no more pissing and moaning from me ;)

1 & 2} Raine playing in the sun last weekend at his cousins birthday party. He's becoming quite the little explorer and social butterfly.
3} Raine has cows milk for the first time. Up until this point he's had nothing but breast milk and water. He was a happy camper about it. It was also his first time using a zippy cup! We just never really needed to introduce them before. He never really had a bottle and he usually drinks out of a regular cup fine but I didn't want to take the chance that he'd get milk all over the house.
4} Raine hasn't been going down as easy as he used to for his afternoon naps. It really creeped me out to check the camera and see him staring back at me like that. A little too Paranormal Activity for my liking. I think afternoon naps will be disappearing soon.
5} Raine has been raiding the cookie cupboard. I think it's time to lock it up. Look closely and you'll see a ritz cracker with a bite missing out of it ;D
6} Sometimes only peanut butter & jelly will do.
7} This kid could give his parents a few lessons on eating healthier.
8} Raine has finally shown interest in coloring and drawing. Normally he enjoys watching us color but now he's gaining some independence with it. I'm a little too proud of his first official picture....
9} Bored selfies in the bathroom.
10} My favorite necklace right now. I REALLY wish the etsy store I got it from still existed.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Ahhh my first Friday's Letters! This week has just been so wretched and writing hasn't come easy so I thought I'd let Ashley's post series inspire me today. Plus it looks like a fun link up and I've been meaning to give is a shot for awhile now. So, on with the show!

Dear Jimmy,
Thank you for being so patient this week. With everything going on I wonder how you do it but we both know I tend to be emotional enough for the both of us! Thank you for listening as I vent and try to figure it all out. We've been through MUCH worse with big ol' smiles on our faces. This little bump in our road will be a cake walk in comparison to the mountains we have had to climb in the past. Thanks for keeping me smiling and making things perfect......but could you PLEASE put the damn dog bowl back where it was when you decided to fill it?! K, thanks ;)

Dear Raine,
You're such a little perfect monster man. I love watching you and seeing those wheels in your head turning. Right now you're really into figuring out how things work. Every day I find you stacking things on the coffee table. You stack them so high you can barely reach the top and then you circle your creation over and over adjusting things here and there bending over to peer at it to make sure it balances just right. I wonder what's going through your mind. Other times you like to curl up with a book and pretend to read it to me in that secret little language you have that you're not letting us in on. Honestly, I worried about you a little because you don't seem to go about things normally but then I realized that neither do your parents. And if I take a closer look I notice that you seem to work things out in your head the same way your daddy does! This probably means I am looking at a life of trouble with you but I am excited for the entertainment. I love you, kid.

Dear house that was our second choice after we lost our first,
Why did you have to go and get yourself sold?! And only three dang days after our first choice?! Were your feelings hurt because you were second on the list? We could have loved you better than those people who bought you. Sure, I wanted to remodel your kitchen and your wallpaper was horrendous but I intended on making you shine! We could have had such a time, you and I. I couldn't wait for summers spent in your pool and family BBQ's on your patio. But you had to go and ruin it with your jealousy. Fine! I don't need you then. :(

Dear storm last night,
What the heck was that? You had me all freaked out for nothing.

Dear Friday,
Thank God, you're here. This week has been horrible and you signify the end thankfully. You bring the weekend and it's the first weekend all summer that we have zero plans, picnics, or obligations. I think we are going to just stay in and have ourselves a Lord of The Rings marathon because I need to just veg out. Bring on the laziness!

Dear horrible evil week, 
I'm so stinkin glad you're over. If you were a physical being I would punch you in the mouth. But I conquered you anyway, so there! You couldn't completely wipe the smile from my face. Didn't you realize that I am married to James? Your wretchedness could never compete with his random idiocy. That guy will always have me smiling :) But I'm beginning to notice a pattern. Anytime I said something, the opposite happened. I said "we found a house" and then we lost it. I said "we are getting tornadoes" and we barely got rain........Next week, in order to avoid your return, I will preemptively state that it will be a bad week in hopes that the opposite will happen. Brilliant!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

In which I cut my losses...

Our area is under "tornado watch" until 9 p.m. tonight. I was going to write this big long post about God knows what but I'm thinking sitting in front of the computer blogging probably isn't the smartest thing to be doing right now. Then again, my mother is out buying a damn car right now so what do I know? Connecticut isn't really known for it's tornado weather but I figure the way my week has been going it's probably best I take this shit seriously.

I know the minute I say "oh yeah right! When is the last time we even HAD a tornado?!" one will land directly on my house killing us all. So I am not saying a word and I am religiously checking the warnings every 5 minutes. I called James and demanded he come home from work but my pleas were met with a very sarcastic "I'll be home as soon as I can". I had to remind him sternly that the last time we did actually have a tornado it touched down fairly close to where he works and that it was pretty fierce....

That cute little shed had no idea what hit it, I tell ya!

Either way, I figure if I assume the worst then maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. This week has been so horrendous I can imagine that my house being ripped apart is definitely a possibility. Then again, we are insured and I hate this place......

Bring it on!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sometimes Husbands Suck

Actually, that's a terrible title but I thought "sometimes I want to hit my husband in the head with a crow bar" sounded just a teensy bit sadistic. *cough* God, knows I'm nothing of the sort *cough*

Most days I don't know what I would do without The Cuddler. I mean, who else would cook dinner every night? Clean the cat box? Take out the garbage?! You know, plus he's the best damn husband a girl could ask for ;D All kidding aside, I can't imagine life without him. No one else on this planet could possibly handle my moods the way he does, They could never make me laugh the way he does, and he's the best damn problem solver I know. When I'm running around screaming about how the world is going to end over some stupid thing like, I don't know, not losing a stinkin pound last week this guy is off on the computer making spreadsheets to help me better organize my calorie intake.

I didn't say he was a SANE problem solver.

But if I am honest, as much as he makes my life better, he's equally good at RUINING IT!!

Like this one time I asked him to quickly write me up a cover letter for my resume for a secretary position at the tax office (Seriously people, the tax office. We're talking awesome pay with benefits here) because I was pressed for time working at the job I hated. He emails me over this beautifully written cover letter that I was certain would land the job. I didn't have time to proof read it but I figured that the smartest guy I have ever met would be highly unlikely to fall dumb over something as trivial as a spelling or grammar error....boy was I wrong!

I faxed that puppy over immediately. A week later I called the tax office to inquire about the job and to make sure they had received everything. I was told they had but that the position had already been filled. It seemed odd to me that it was filled so quickly after it's posting and I could have sworn I heard the receptionist giggling hysterically when we hung up.

Another week later I pulled out my resume for another job opening and I figured that the previous cover letter was so good that I could basically send that same one if I just changed it a little for this new position. Well, as I'm reading through to make said changes I come across this sentence:

"I work very well with the public"

Only upon closer inspection it actually said:

"I work well with the pubic"

You might think "well, that's any easy slip. He missed a letter that's all" but you don't know him like I do. You don't see the way he giggles like a four year old when someone says the word "poop".

That shit was totally intentional.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things have a way of working out...

I can not, for the life of me, figure out something worthwhile to write about at this very moment. I'm kind of just sitting here staring at the screen. I'm totally useless right now. I think mostly because yesterday was the worst day I have had in, I don't know, almost three years now. It was 100% terrible with a little cherry grenade on top. It was the ultimate suck fest.

First it started off with something I doubt I can really discuss here. I know, I'm a tease! But I have a feeling that if I spilled about it I could be brought up on charges.....and for those that know me, it wouldn't be the first time I blogged and the result was me in handcuffs! (for those that don't know me, remind me to tell you about that sometime....looking back, it's actually kind of funny). But honestly, I'd rather not go through that crap again so for now, mum's the word. Suffice it to say, I thought my life and my son's life was in danger for a hot minute....although I tend to make a big deal out of nothing too so I doubt you can trust my judgement on that one. Jimmy actually left work though (he hardly ever does that) so my judgement couldn't have been too far off. It just didn't make for a very good morning I can tell you that.

Once things started to calm down a bit I decided to preoccupy myself with some real estate therapy. I like to hop on relator.com and gaze lovingly at the house we intend on buying when things change over at Jimmy's work in August. Yes, ...... I am a little quirky. I never tried to say otherwise.  Although, I should say "intended" because when I logged into my account I saw that the listing for the house had been removed. Two seconds later Jimmy's phone rang and we knew it was our realtor :/ The house went under contract. I know it's just a house but my heart sank anyway. It took us almost a year to find the right house and being that it was only a hair out of our price range we were stuck waiting on Jimmy's job to make our offer. The damn place had been sitting since October! We thought for sure it would sit 2 more weeks till August when we could throw our offer in real quick....but that's what I get for assuming.

It was such a low blow after our terrible morning. Jimmy is so frustrated with his job right now because of it. We are told the only thing holding him up is paperwork for him to switch jobs. We know it will be happening but the waiting game over a technicality is so irritating. But we appreciate that he's getting this opportunity to begin with so we continue to wait. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't take us another year to find a good house. But if I look at the bright side (can't you tell I am soooo in the mood for it? *scowl*) then I would see that at least we have the opportunity to save more money while we wait and search.

I'm also weaning Raine down to two feedings a day. Yesterday I cut out his third feeding which he gets in the afternoon after his nap. He wasn't too pleased about it. It was wretched watching him cry and see the confused look on his face. Thankfully a cup of cows milk was able to deter him but I didn't realize that as we whittle the feedings down further that I would have such an emotional problem with it. It's all part of that whole "my kid is growing up and I am not ready for it" crap. And I am sure my hormones are adjusting as I mess with all this weaning. I bet that's a good portion of the problem too.

It was just a lot to process all at once yesterday. I have to give it to myself though. More than once I wanted to just curl up and have a good cry but I didn't. I toughed it out when usually a bad day will have me acting like a crazed lunatic.

Through all of this I gained a new perspective on my marriage. After that rough day we were able to curl up, watch a movie, and laugh with each other. We were both pretty sour and disappointed but being with each other made it easier to cope. It's really something when trials bring you closer rather than pull you apart. Many times I find myself taking my frustrations out on Jimmy and while he takes it like a champ, he shouldn't have to.

Last night I was able to mourn the day WITH my husband rather than take it out on him. It was nice to be able to relate to each other and know that he understood, that he was going through it right there with me. He always has but until yesterday I guess I didn't see it. Before when I was hurting I saw him as the enemy and wanted space but now I see he's my ally. There is no need to push him away when in reality he's going through these things too. He gets it. I'm glad I realize that now. I'm going to go ahead and imagine that this was yesterday's lesson for me.

At least it ended better than it started.

Awww heck, won't you look at that. I managed to write something after all.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

To Love or Hate?

I'm stepping away from my usual sarcastic/funny/"omg my family is weird" post to discuss something a little more heavy that has been on my heart all weekend. I was very conflicted about whether or not I should even hit the "post" button on this post but in the end I came to the conclusion that this is still my space to write and sometimes that may mean getting something off my chest. Please note that it's not my intent to offend or judge anyone. I'm simply putting my thoughts to paper...or...er...so to speak.

I am sure everyone has heard about the shootings in Aurora Colorado by now. (if not, you can read the latest here) It's a senseless tragedy. My heart has been heavy all weekend for the victims, the survivors, and their families. I simply can't imagine the horror they are going through. I can't even fathom it. To attend something that is supposed to be enjoyable, most people bringing their children and to have it turn bad so fast.....

I can completely understand the uproar over this terribly sad tragedy. What could have been possibly going through this young mans mind to do what he has done? People are angry and rightfully so. And they want blood. We want this man to pay for what he's done!

I try to keep this space free from religion and politics. It's not a testament to my beliefs it's just that I feel these two topics seem to cause so much unnecessary dissension with some people. Besides, what we believe is personal to us. We like to keep it at home. But I'm going to break my own rule for a minute.

I have seen so much rage coming from people in general about this tragedy. I completely understand it. What this man did was wrong. End. Of. Story. But I am a little confused by the reactions of some who believe in God.

Growing up I learned about God. The God I learned about loved us all. He sent his son to die so that we may be forgiven! That's how much he loved us.....ALL of us....

Including this disturbed young man.

I know. It's kind of heavy and it seems so unfair to the families that are hurting right now because of what he's done. But if you believe in God then it sort of comes with the territory. He loves us all regardless.

Judging each other seems to come so naturally. Too naturally. Its human nature it seems. Everyone has their ideas of right and wrong. They may vary slightly but I think most everyone can agree that this man was W-R-O-N-G.

It's just, so many of us (notice I included myself in this?) are so quick to pull the "God is the only one who can judge me" card when we feel persecuted but the minute someone else does wrong we (again, myself included) are just as quick to pick up the torch and join the lynch mob.

But I wonder, What is accomplished when we respond to hate with more hate?

Food for thought.

In closing, this is a horrible thing to have happened and I'm sure we can all agree on that. Whether you believe in God or not, whatever your belief system is, it's terribly sad. My thoughts are with the survivors and their families. I may not be the praying kind but I will say a few for them. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Instagram Lovins

It's been a week of patience on the home buying front. We are getting closer but the whole thing is definitely testing us. Maybe that is the point. But we have come to a place where we know it's going to happen but we have to play the waiting game. Our fingers are crossed that we will be able to put in an offer in soon. 

So rather then spend all our time waiting we need to start living. We are trying to fill the rest of our summer up with things to do. There is no point in us sitting around while we do all this waiting! 

Good things are happening too. We've found a solution to the renter issue. A couple solutions actually. There seems to be a list of interested people so if one doesn't work out it's okay. This relieves a tremendous amount of stress with this whole thing. And we have also gotten out of the house a lot this week. Raine has even gotten his almost two year old flirt on ;)

1} Jimmy "spinning" our kid into blurry nothingness.
2} Yay for thunderstorms this week! See the storm clouds rolling in? I love the sight of that :)
3} That's Michigan. Our pretty boy. He doesn't make many appearances on this here blog. I'm going to have to change that.
4} Looking a little too old in this picture. I don't like it.
5} We worked on letters A, B, and C this week. Raine has gotten their sounds down pretty easily.
6 & 7} He's probably wondering why I have the camera in his face again.
8 & 9} This kid could eat pb&j's everyday, multiple times a day if I allowed it.
10 & 11} Raine asking his best friend Michigan to read him a book..... the day it happens is the day I play the lotto.
12} Raine's new thing is taking things apart and trying to figure out how it works. Yup, he's going to be one of those kids.
13} Making us read with/to him.... like always.

How was your week?

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations.

I have gotten a few emails recently from people who are curious about where I got my wedding invitations from or who made them for me...


I did. :) And I'm flattered that everyone likes them so much! It was simple though, really. I just did a little tea staining and ink rubbing on off-white card stock to get the aged look. I made the template on Microsoft Word and printed it out on the card stock, cut them length wise, then burned the edges. I glued said card stock onto red card stock, trimmed accordingly, then finished it off with a twine bow and those tiny craft keys I found on ebay.

Okay, maybe that doesn't sound so simple. But it was, I promise. Time consuming but easy.

I looked all over for Alice in Wonderland invitations but couldn't find anything. I found a few on etsy but they didn't have the aged vintage look I was looking for so I just made my own! I didn't want the traditional look of wedding invites either so I just found envelopes that I liked and did measurements based off those. The further I got into the project the more the ideas started to flow.

Sorry there's no actual tutorial. I wasn't thinking about that at the time. And sorry these pictures are sort of terrible iPhone pictures *eek* For a better picture head on over here.

I also made these "52 Reasons I Love You" cards for Jimmy for Christmas to match our wedding invitations.

Again, sorry for the sucky pictures!!

I found the tutorial for this on Pinterest and it matched our invitations so well! I thought it was a perfect little nod to our wedding ..... am I killing you with all this sentiment yet?

While we are on the subject of invites, here are the Nightmare Before Christmas invites I made for Raine's first birthday...

For those who asked, I did these the same way. On Microsoft Word, printed on white card stock, cut, then matted on black card stock. Easy peasy :)

Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe I'm a little crafty after all.... just a little. I'm already judging the heck out of myself right now looking at these pictures though. If given a do over I think I would have done without the whole burnt edges and just done torn edges to keep the aged look.

Anyways, I'm glad you guys enjoyed them and thanks for the ego boost with your emails ;D

Have a kick ass weekend, homies!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Growing up isn't easy ... on Mom.

Raine will be 22 months of age on the 23rd. This boggles my mind but that goes without saying. I think all mothers are blown away by watching their kids grow up. At least the ones I know are. But I'll say it anyway..... He's not my baby anymore! *pout*

Case in point, I was breastfeeding him the other day (yes, I am still doing that) and when he was finished he looked up at me the way he always has with that sweet adoring look in his eyes only this time the little punk also said "Thank you". Yeah..... creepy. Kind of cute but still....kind of creepy. Now he's been saying it about 50% of our feedings.

At least the kid is learning manners.

I said I would nurse him till he was two and that time is basically here. It's just ..... wow! I never thought I'd see the day that my kid would be thanking me for boob. Course, no one told me they talk at this age either. I was clueless about kids till I had one. Needless, to say, as charming as it is that he does it, I am glad we will be fully weaned in two months....you know, before he gets this counting thing mastered and starts trying to offer me cash for breast milk.

We are getting him used to the potty too. He's definitely been watching his dad because he walked up to me yesterday after his bath (before we dressed him), grabbed his little thang, aimed it at my foot, and peed on me. I'm glad he's working on his aim and all but really? My son peed. On. Me. Apparently him and the dog have been hanging out too much and the mutt is teaching him a thing or two about marking his territory. Grow-ing up way too fast. It's bad enough that he's a larger than normal two year old that can't even fit his larger than normal bootie on a toddler potty but now he has to go and be all "piss like a man" on mommy's foot. I figure if he can do that he can use the dang toilet. I don't care that he's short. Step stool, homies. Step stool it is.

I look at him now and I can't believe that it's been two years. That two years ago he was actually in my tummy wreaking hovac and 22 months ago he was this little (if 10 lbs can be considered "little") newborn that I was terrified of breaking.

I didn't break him.

Better yet, he's growing up to be quite the polite and gentile little man. Apparently a jokester too but he's got "please" and "thank you" down. Who knew that Jimmy and I could actually raise such an individual? It must be his grandmother's influence...

I should enjoy the manners now though regardless of the creep factor. Someday soon he'll be sixteen and rebelling against us. Course I don't know how he'd exactly manage that .... he'd have to go popular prep or something to "rebel" I think.

Oh, just the thought...the horror! But I'll love that little preppy so freaking much anyway.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conversations With The Cuddler

{Conversations with The Cuddler posts are excerpts of conversations with my husband, James. It's a peek at the hilarious, sometimes bazaar, always nonsensical topics that come 
up around here. In short, my husband just says the darndest things.}

As he walked out of the bathroom.. 

James: You know what's the best thing in the world?
Me: Taking a crap?
James: No
Me: Your loving wife?
James: No
Me: ...
James: The bed not being made all day so I don't have to get it ready at bed time.
Me: That's real nice, Jim. Not your wife. It's NEVER your wife! My god, last week you said chocolate milk was better than me!
James: ooohh yeah. Thanks for reminding me! Cocoa milk is way better than an unmade bed. It definitely is the best thing in the world.
Me: *scowl*

Random rubber ducky picture for good measure...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I is a new monthly link up hosted by these five awesome ladies...

Danielle @ Framed Frosting

So what's the deal? Answer five random (we know I love random) questions about yourself and link up. Why? To get to know each other better, of course! Visit Breanna to learn more :)

On with the show!

1. What is your biggest phobia?
Being in the car. I can't drive and being a passenger is no picnic for me either. Whether it was a fear that developed from being a passenger in multiple car accidents or just something that I just sort of developed over time, I don't know. I just know that getting in the car gives me all sorts of anxiety. It's something I'm working on though because I feel like a prisoner in my own home! Read more about it here.

2. If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why?
Not to sound cheesy but probably the day my son Raine was born. His birthday was also the day I was reborn too and the day my relationship with his father was strengthened and renewed. Not that we were bad before it's just that a baby brings perspective and makes people all sorts of sentimental. Ironically, it's also the day I experienced the greatest physical pain I have ever felt. It's all very poetic and did I mention cheesy? Yes, cheesy. Maybe I just miss baby Raine....hmmm...

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
I'd probably stop time right about now. 30 is the best age I have been. I'll likely never grow up but at least I am passed all that adolescent drama and all the alcohol I left back in my twenties. Those hangovers were killer.
No seriously,
Those hangovers would probably kill me if I had one now.

4. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
I don't get mistaken for anybody really. When I was bartending I was told I looked like Lady Gaga a lot but if I'm honest I would say that's complete nonsense. I think it's because we are both a little eccentric looking (although I doubt I could wear a meat dress because I wouldn't be able to stop myself from EATING it) ....and we both have really big noses. Actually, if I think about it, it's likely the nose thing.

I've actually measured my nose....with my fingers. It's almost 3 fingers long! My husband argues that I have tiny fingers. pfft!

5. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
I'm a music fanatic so this is a LONG list. but if I were to whittle it down to a few selections?

Prince ~ Purple Rain:
This was just one of my favorite songs growing up. I could never get sick of it. Seriously. I have an unhealthy love for Prince. Thankfully, I married a man that digs Prince too. That's rare, peeps. Super rare.

Madonna ~ Like a Prayer:
I used to dance growing up. I fancied myself a choreographer and I swore that's what I was gonna be growing up. Didn't happen that way but anyways, I used to force my little brother and all my little cousins to dance my "choreographed" dance steps to this song every summer until I was 12. Those poor kids.

UB40 ~ Red Red Wine:
Stop laughing. I was young and my cousin and I adored this song....obviously we didn't know what the heck they were singing about. Note: we also rocked out to O.P.P. by Naughty By Nature. We were seriously naive, okay?

Jace Everett ~ Bad Things:
James and I danced our first dance to this song at our wedding. If that doesn't give you an indication of what our marriage is like.....

Panic! At The Disco ~ When the Day Met the Night:
This is "our" song. The song. It's mushy too. Who knew ;)

Aaaahhh, That was fun :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram Lovins and other things too...

Wow. This post is a day later than usual. Yesterday was a little too chaotic and by the time I got home and settled in, going to bed just sounded so much better than sitting at the trusty Mac and pumping out a blog post. I'm still tired so I am thinking nap time after this ;) 

This has just been an incredible week of highs and lows. I'm glad it's Monday. The start of a new, hopefully more tame week. I just can't handle all these emotions!

First up, James got word from work that the transition we have been waiting for will take place in a couple weeks and likely be effective August 1st. This basically gave us the go ahead to start looking at houses again. We saw nine houses and guess what?

We found one!

Yes, finally. The pickiest people on the planet finally fell in love with a house. It's not nearly as extravagant as we were beginning to lean towards but I think that's why it's perfect for us. We don't need all the big fancy things anyway. It's just not who we are. Besides, we aren't trying to impress anyone. We just want a place for our kids to grow and our family to gather and this place is perfect! It's not near the water like I had semi hoped but it has an in ground pool so that's good enough, right? A large back yard for boy and dog to wonder with a small basketball court (what the heck am I going to do with that anyhow? Maybe replace it with a garden!) and a large playscape. The house itself is quirky and so fun. And it's private! James can live out his life in it being the grumpy old miser he was always meant to be. Plenty of privacy for that ;D

There is a kicker though, unfortunately. I said "highs and lows" remember? The renter we had lined up fell through so we now need to find someone to rent our space. What's frustrating is depending on our new monetary status in August, we currently can't afford to pay both the new mortgage and our current rent while we wait for a renter. Basically we can't move on anything until either we find a renter or more money comes along. Being that a renter would have to wait for us to leave after our closing date that makes things a little difficult too. 

I'm trying to stay positive. It's only a few more weeks till August and I do already have some people interested in our apartment. Fingers crossed that no one else scoots in and buys this house in the meantime. It's been sitting since October so one can hope, right?

On with the show...

1} I had the worst migraine I have ever had in my entire life last Monday. I was convinced I was dying. Suffice it to say, I wasn't much use to my kid while I whined on the couch. Seeing as I couldn't find a sitter I used the television to occupy The Destroyer. I feel guilty as heck about this, of course. But I beat myself up over everything.
2} Finally cut Jimmy's dang hair. It's amazing how much less pedophile-ish he looks.
3} Raine ATE his favorite book. Whhhaaatt?! I mean seriously, who does that? Thankfully I know it by heart because he still expects me to read the remains of the book to him everyday.
4} The Destroyer of hearts.
5} The new neighbors had the cops at their place 3 times last week. Good news: the drug dealing neighbors moved out last weekend and the neighborhood is actually starting to be pretty decent. I may finally be able to take the boy outside. Bad news: these new people moved in and they fight a lot. But.... it's better than the alternative and I am sure something will settle out being that the cops are probably getting tired of being called over there.
6} He's had a long week too. He can't sit down for more than a minute without falling asleep lately. No amount of money in the world could or would be better than actually having him home at a decent hour every day. Hurry up, August!

This coming week is looking to be nice, quiet, and uneventful..... Oh God, I hope so!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

If you really knew me...

I've seen this around blogland the last few days. I'm copying it from Jenni who says she blatantly copied it from another fabulous blogger (who may or may not be the original poster. I'm not sure.) and so on and so on. Such are the ways sometimes in bloggerville. We inspire each other. :)
If you really knew me...

~ then you'd be aware that I am afraid of the dark. Mostly because I also have an overactive imagination. The dark provides way too much opportunity for my mind to think up horrible monsters. It also shrouds my ability to tell reality from fiction. In the dark, it is way too easy for me to believe that my house is haunted and it's about to get all Paranormal Activity up in hurr. Therefor, I am a 30 year old woman who sleeps with a night light. 

~ then you'd know that my natural hair color is dark brown. Hey! It's been awhile since I had my natural color let alone even had "normal" colored hair ;)

~ you'd know that I very much worry that "Raine" wasn't the perfect name for our son. I wanted so badly to name him "Ireland" to honor my dad's heritage (I wasn't overly fond of any particular irish boys name) but I was so put off by peoples reactions to it. I was hormonal and emotional and found myself caring way too much about what people thought. Now that I am through all of that though I am unsure I made the right choice and I sometimes even consider legally changing it. But Raine really does suit him and has special meaning too. Maybe someday I will have an opportunity to use the name and in the meantime I learned to keep the names to myself till the kid is born and people can't balk so much at it ;D

~ you'd know that I am a clean freak. And that I have a system to make sure my house is never even mildly messy. I clean an hour every day. Because of this system, there are days I have no stinkin idea what to clean or organize....but I always eventually find something. Today I cleaned the garbage can and what I mean is, I actually windexed the can itself. Obsessive compulsive much?

~ then you'd know that coffee is my lifeline. I think when I quit smoking I sort of replaced that addiction with a coffee addiction. Decaf thankfully. Too much caffeine messes me up ;)

~ then you'd know that I get really excited to get the mail everyday. Before it becomes painfully obvious that I don't have a life I should tell you that I am usually waiting for a package of some sort that I am looking forward to. Unfortunately, Jimmy has the same excitement about going to get the mail so we are usually duking it out to beat each other to the mailbox. Okay, fine. You're right. We have no lives. 

~ you'd know that I am so seriously overly dramatic when I am emotional. Tuesday night James made dinner after I had whined that I wanted pizza. I grabbed a french fry that he made, held it up to show him, and exclaimed "what the HELL is THIS?" then threw it at him right before I stormed into our bedroom, slammed the door, and barricaded it with my elliptical....all because I wanted pizza instead. Thankfully my husband has the patience. of. a. saint. Not to mention, these moments of dramatics can also be too funny. As soon as the door slammed we were laughing hysterically. Did I mention I've been hormonal lately?

~ then you'd know that I hate flip flops. Absolutely hate them! I can't understand why people find them so comfortable. To me, they are the most uncomfortable things next to heels....which I also hate, by the way. Maybe it's the whole in between the toe thing but I just can't like them and I've tried! I've really really tried.

~ you'd know that I love rainy days. Especially when they are riddled with thunderstorms. I will take a rainy day over sunshine and heat any day. Not that I don't like warm sunny days because I do. I just like rainy ones better. It always makes me so happy to wake up and see the skies overcast...... Am I beginning to come off as a little depressing here? Because I swear that I am not a depressing person.

~ you'd know that even though it's been twenty four years since his passing, I still haven't actually "gotten over" my father's death. I know that most people will continue to miss their loved ones probably forever when they go but I haven't actually gotten over the trauma it caused me growing up.... and I am not sure I even know how. So many doctors, so many attempts and yet I am sometimes still six years old trying to figure out where my best friend has gone.

~ then you'd know that I loved unicorns growing up and secretly still do...

~ you'd know that although I always talk about wanting more kids and having baby fever, I sometimes secretly hope that Raine is our only child..... which kind of contradicts what I said above about an opportunity to name another kidlet. It's just that I kind of dig our three person family unit. I'm scared that adding another will cause stress, friction, and will take away from Raine. Plus sometimes "three" just sounds so much easier (think vacations, grocery shopping, getting baby-sitters, theme parks, etc.) than "four". Plus there is all that dang pain to consider! But we would like to give Raine a sibling too. I guess only time will tell.

~ you'd know that I am terrible at initiating conversation. I never text, call, or email anyone first unless something comes up that I need to ask. But idle chit chat? I'm terrible at it and I hear from family and friends all the time "you never call or text. I never hear from you!" and it's not that I don't care or don't want to socialize. It's that I am horrible at starting conversation without specific subject matter. Unfortunately I have lost so many friends because they felt I didn't value their friendships and I have missed out on creating some good ones too for the same reason. I'm a bum :/ I'm trying though. If it weren't for Facebook I'd be a recluse.

~ you'd know that I have no problem whatsoever sharing or giving to people. I will give you the shirt off my back if you needed it.....but share my food? Hell no! Do not approach my plate with that hungry look in your eyes. I am a selfish food person. Keep your paws off my noms. Jimmy will tell ya, he's nearly lost a finger or even a limb because he's a gluttonous monster who's always after my tasty treats. No you can not have one french fry or mozzarella stick. Back away slowly....

~ then you'd know that my idea of authentic mexican food is Taco Bell. I've tried so-called "authentic" and it was terrible. I can't accept that authentic mexican can really be that bad so I plan on trying a different restaurant at some point. Fingers crossed for a better experience.

~ then you'd know that I am a mermaid. No seriously. I love being in or around water. This might explain my love of rain and my kids name ;) I have always told James that I would love a house on the beach right smack dab by the ocean. I don't even care if the house was a dingy shack as long as I am near the water. *sigh* maybe someday!

Okay, that's enough. I am giving away way too much now.

Happy weekend, Homies and Homettes!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Embrace The Camera: Photo Booth Style.

Phew! I haven't linked up with embrace the camera in awhile and I was beginning to feel guilty that I haven't gotten in front of the camera as much with Raine. I thought I was going to miss it this week too....and then I downloaded the Incredibooth app......

It's a photo booth in your pocket, guys! And it's the same company that does Hipstamatic so you KNOW I'm all over that! Raine was interested at first but as you can see, he pretty much had enough of my crap within about five minutes. That still didn't stop me from clicking away....

I may have over embraced just a tad...

linking up with Emily over at The Anderson Crew for Embrace The Camera.

Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are my own. The makers of Hipstamatic/Incredibooth did not pay me nor sponsor this post....although they totally should have the way I am always gushing about them! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fits of Terror

6 months old. So teeny and innocent. 

Raine has decided to hit his "terrible twos" a couple months early I guess. He's also decided (as if) to get his second year molars a little early as well so maybe we aren't experiencing the terrible twos at all. Just bad teething. But *sigh* I beg to differ. I think my precious baby boy has turned into a little snot nosed, drooly faced, spawn of, well....... his father. Because to most people, James is scarier than the devil. He'd argue that it's actually me that's scarier though so maybe Raine has turned into a tiny me.

Oh, how pleased my mother should be right now....

There was a teensy part of me that, when I was holding my precious little baby boy about 18 months ago, feared this part of Raine's development. I wasn't terrified by any means but I knew I would miss that little happy baby terribly when we hit this stage. And I was right. I miss my wittle-ittle so stinkin much. I think what sucks the most is that I can still see him in there reaching out to me during these "fits of terror" as I now call them. Reaching out to be snuggled and comforted even though his tiny fists are actually trying to hit me.

But I know what he's going through. In a way, because of my issues, I can almost relate to what kids go through at this age. I know he's just experiencing the inability to communicate his feelings and thoughts. There is a lot of frustration that comes from that. Especially when he can't understand why we are telling him "no" or we are trying to communicate things back to him that he's still learning or can't understand at all. I know how that feels all too well.

So I have become the most patient mother in existence. At least in this house.
Yes me.
I step back and give him his space to "work it out" so to speak. He's pretty resilient so he will cry till the cows come home. Being that we don't have any cows....that's a heck of a long time. But if I am patient, say nothing, and just listen I can hear a point in the fits where he gives in. There's a change in his tears and that's the time that I can go in and he'll look up at me. All the anger and frustration is gone and he'll extend those little arms up towards me to be picked up. He's worked it out and he's my little boy again.

I've noticed that fits are kept to a minimum when I stick to a set schedule for Raine. He does so much better when he knows what's next. It's pretty funny when he's telling me that it's nap time and turning on his white noise machine. But there are going to be days when routine goes to hell in a hand basket so he needs to get used to that too. He may as well learn early that not everything will go as planned. Welcome to life, kid.

I'm surprised with myself though. Actually, I'm proud. I am not known for being calm and collected......like, ever. But I am handling this well. Way better than I expected out of myself. Honestly, I saw myself being a little less hands on in this area of raising our kids. I thought Jimmy would be the calm one. The disciplinarian. Turns out he's a bit of a mush ;) Oh, he's got the patience of a saint, don't get me wrong but I can tell he can't stand to see Raine suffer or cry so "no" isn't very prominent in Jimmy's vocabulary just yet. When I think about it, I'm always the one that has to say "no" to Jimmy (usually when it comes to food) so it all makes perfect sense.

It's comforting to know that we will get through this with the same determination that we have had with any other parenting hurdle we've launched ourselves over. I've heard some mommies say that the terrible twos have a way of making or breaking a parent. I have to say, that's a little dramatic.

But if it is the case, we haven't been broken yet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy Cat Ladies Say Whaaattt?

Plotting my demise...
If you've ever been pregnant than I am sure you have heard of toxoplasmosis. It's a scary infection (which can be passed to your unborn child hence all the warnings during pregnancy) caused by an icky parasite. This parasite can sometimes be found in undercooked meat, soil, and in your cuddly feline's belly. That's the reason behind the whole "no cleaning the kitty litter box" when you're pregnant.

James sent me this article over the weekend. According to the stated study, woman who are infected with this nasty parasite are more likely to harm themselves, suffer depression, or even suffer from suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies.

The veil just fell from my eyes. My entire life now makes sense. It's never been me. I'm not crazy at all. It's just that my damn cats have been trying to kill me.

And all of humanity I suspect.

Think about it. Get rid of the woman and the race can't really survive, can it? I'm sure there is some man out there who can't wait to tell me otherwise. It will probably be my own husband in fact.

Do me a favor. If you have a cat, take a look at him right now and tell me that he doesn't have the makings of a little tiny assassin. That whole sleeping on your chest and face thing? Suffocation attempts. Think about all the times your precious kitty has dive bombed you out of nowhere likely aiming for the jugular. All those dead mice on the doorstep? No nooo no, those aren't gifts! Those are teeny tiny death threats.

As if all of that weren't enough now we have to worry about parasites in their poop that could alter our minds. Gives a whole new meaning to the term crazy cat lady now doesn't it?

I have three cats. THREE. I'm totally screwed here.

Save yourselves....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Grandma's Gangsta

This morning I woke up with the. worst. headache. ever. For me anyway. It takes a lot to put me out of commission but this doozy of a migraine did it up right quick. I immediately assumed brain tumor and when google confirmed my suspicions (of course) I promptly called my mother at work to let her know that I was dying and to make arrangements for Raine's care because even though James claims that he wouldn't cry if I passed on I know he's going to be a whiny girl about it for at least a week.

My mother's response? "Quit being a baby. Take one of my migraine tabs and lay down for a half hour. You're fine"

Do you SEE what I have to put up with?! No one ever takes me seriously.....

Now, I know what you're asking and yes, I am currently feeling much better and terribly high on acetaminophen.

Stop laughing.

I can't help it that I am so sensitive to medication. If I had taken one of my mother's famed migraine tabs I'm certain I would have overdosed. I'm high off aspirin for pete's sake. You should see me on benadryl. Par-Tay Time!

That headache was scary though. It occurred to me earlier while experiencing this hell in my head that my mom goes through those things sometimes multiple times in one week! And while I lay here with my two year old patting my forehead with a cold cloth my crazy mother would be out mowing the lawn or dusting her furniture. I don't know how she does it honestly. Momma is a beast.

I remember once when I was little my mom had fallen off the back porch (Chasing the dog I think. Who knows. I didn't say she was graceful) and busted up her ankle really bad. That thing was so purple I wouldn't even call it purple. Black is a better descriptive color and the size of a watermelon. Imagine that. Walking on a watermelon. Fun times.

My little brother and I convinced her to go to the hospital where they casted her up and demanded she stay off of it for at least four weeks. They Gave her some painkillers, a doctor's note to get her out of work and sent her on her way. When she got home she cleaned the entire house, cooked us dinner, and (you guessed it) the next day she went hobbling right into work.

Raine's grandma is pretty gangsta.

Not so gangsta when it comes to The Destroyer though, is she?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram Lovins

This week has been crazy! I am so glad that holidays usually fall at either the beginning or the end of the week because this mid week stuff is the pits. Totally threw off my game this week. I've been lost and a little depressed as a result. But I'm hoping to get back at it this week with a fresh start. Maybe even lose some of the pounds that I gained this past week too!

1 & 2} Messing up my drawers playing with things he shouldn't be. I asked him what he was doing and he says "cweaning" pfft, could have fooled me....
3} Jimmy made the best guacamole ever for the 4th. He's going to hate me because I am going to be begging him to make it a lot more often.
4} Loving my new Shakeitphoto App. hence why the remaining photos all look the same....that be my sleeping monkey =)
5} Late afternoon and still in his pajamas. Told you this week messed us up.
6} See, he can be so handsome when he wants to be!
7} I don't think we left the bed all day Saturday.
8} I know, I'm too obsessed with tiny feets.
9} Counting on his pillow.
10} Someone needs a damn haircut.

Fresh start. Next week. Lose pounds. Got it.

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