Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear September,
I am so glad you're almost here. I have been waiting for you forever without even realizing it. James finally got word that he starts his new job on the 1st. This means we will be seeing a lot more of him! I can't wait.

Dear James,
Are you ready to see a lot more of this face from now on? 

That's your wife right there. You may as well go ahead and accept that now.

Dear Silhouette Cameo,
When are you going to be delivered?! I feel like I've been waiting forever! I knew when I ordered you that you were backordered but it's been a month and I have a bunch of free time on my hands. I wanna create things dammit. So hurry up already!

Dear wisdom tooth,
I suppose it's time that I get you removed. I've been putting it off for way too long now. I'm all sorts of nervous but I know that once you're gone I will feel much better knowing that the whole thing is done and over with. It's not like I haven't ever done this before anyway. Your days are numbered I guess. Sorry about that.

Dear future sibling of Raine,
I know that you don't even exist yet but we are really looking forward to meeting you. (please ignore the above picture. Mommy is not that crazy, I swear..... *cough*) You could be a boy or a girl and either way we would be really happy. The thing is, daddy and I are really picky when it comes to names for you kidlets so it's really hard for us to pick the perfect one. Boys names seem to be harder for us but we actually managed to stumble across the perfect girl's name. So if you could seriously consider being a girl to make life a little easier on us we would totally appreciate that!

Dear self,
You realize you're naming kids you haven't even tried to conceive yet? Either get on with it or dig out your therapist's phone number because this is getting ridiculous. Hmmph.

P.s. if you do decide to try for sprout #2, please get that tooth out first. You don't want to end up pregnant and then have to be stuck with that thing.

Dear Raine,
I love you to pieces. Do you know that? It's probably obvious from all the kissing and hugging attacks I inflict upon you. Be warned, as long as I'm alive you're going to just have to put up with it. And no, you can't kill your mother. I'm too clever.

Dear James,
Three day weekend, honey! Ooh yeah. Oh, by the way, you're painting the kitchen this weekend....

Enjoy the weekend, homies :D


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

Feeling super skinny in this dress that was skin tight just a few weeks back ;)

Weight loss the week: Zero. I maintained again this week. 
Total weight loss: 7 lbs

I'm cool with this. Now that I've been eating more I figure it's going to take my body a little bit of time to acclimate to that. Actually I'm lucky I didn't gain. So I'm more than satisfied with maintaining.

Eating breakfast and lunch is getting a lot easier. In fact, now if I don't eat I start feeling actual hunger pains. This is a good trigger to remind me to eat something because honestly sometimes I just forget. I spent so long only eating one meal a day that I just completely space out about it.

I was really expecting to gain anyway because I'm all sorts of PMSing and I'm known to gain anywhere from a 1-5 pounds when that monthly curse hits. So just another reason to fist pump for maintaining this week :)

Jimmy is also having some issues losing the weight. He thinks for the same reason as me. He's burning a shit load of calories working out and having some trouble eating them so he's possibly sending himself into starvation mode. When we went into this we figured we'd be counting calories and going hungry a lot of the time but it's been the opposite. We find ourselves struggling just to get food down!

So I can't complain. I'm certainly not starving and by eating healthier I feel SO much better. I've even been able to cut down on my reflux medication because I'm hardly suffering from acid reflux. Even if I was to not lose another pound, not having attacks of reflux is enough for me to keep up this new lifestyle.

Check out the link up and get healthy!

Dont Quote The Raven

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Imperfections Are Perfect

What the hell is up with my life being filled with know-it-all-so-called-"perfect"-type individuals? Jimmy included but we'll give him a free pass because he actually does know it all. No, seriously. I wish he would just go on Jeopardy and win us a bunch of money already.

And where these types of people are there's always some form of competition to be had. "He's better at this, she's better at that"..... Blah blah blah. Can't we all just do our thing and leave each other alone?!

It's cool if you feel pretty confident in what you do. Heck, it's cool to be confident period. Everyone could use a good dose of confidence so when I see people that are sporting a good dose of healthy confidence I have to give them kudos. But it's one thing to be confident, maybe even proud of yourself and an entirely different thing when you suddenly start believing that no one else knows what they are doing or talking about or worse, just turning into a cocky know-it-all that stomps all over people.

Take motherhood for instance, it's riddled with women who think they know better than the next guy.... or in this case, gal. We all start off in the same place .....not knowing what the hell we're doing. Once we get the hang of things we feel pretty confident in ourselves. I guess some of us just take it a little too far. That's when you get some moms who feel it's acceptable to tell the rest of us how it's done. They feel they know better than the rest of us..... and they have no problem telling us all about it which can sometimes make the rest of us feel inadequate.

But it's not just motherhood. Not in my life. The last few months I feel bombarded by people who claim they can do better than I do in just about everything or they just simply judge me at every turn for the decisions I make. There is no point in engaging with these people, sometimes my friends, even my family, because they "know everything" so it's not like I could possibly teach them anything new or change their minds..... I wish I could make them realize that my way works pretty damn well for me and my family....and that's what really matters, right?

I'm usually very tolerant of people but lately I just can't be bothered with people like this. I'm just not the type of person to be told how to go about doing things nor do I feel like competing with everybody over every little thing either. Besides how could I? It's not like Jimmy and I live our lives conventionally. Not in the least. I mean, I have purple hair for Pete's sake! I've always danced to the beat of my own drum. What's the use in playing know-it-all games or competing with someone who refuses to do things traditionally anyway? Does it really make you feel better to be better than me? of all people?

You want to see who's a better mother? Go ahead, take the crown. I couldn't really care less. My kid's happy. That's what matters to me most.

Your kid was potty trained at 18 months? Awesome. I'm not pushing Raine. He'll shit on the pot when he's damn good and ready.

You're a better housewife? Awesome! I'm not particularly interested in filling that role anyway. I'm not the domesticated type. It's what makes YOU happy that matters, right?

You're a better cook? Congrats! It's awesome that you can feed your family. I have a husband that's an amazing cook so I can take the time to play with my little rascal. My family dynamic suites me just fine.

I'm just not going to participate in this world of "My life is better than yours" anymore.

I know where it comes from but it doesn't make it any less frustrating to deal with people (especially when it's people you love and care about) when they act like this. If their lives are so "perfect" then there wouldn't be any need to shove it down everyone else's throat. Obviously they are over compensating. The confidence has gone. They feel threatened and uncertain of themselves. I understand all of that.... doesn't hurt any less when I feel I have to be defensive of myself and my life.

I wash my hands of it.  I'm so done questioning myself. We aren't perfect. Not by a long shot. Sometimes, I'm even a bit of a hot mess. We are happy though. If there is a difference I guess it's that I'm satisfied with imperfection. Life is way better for me that way. It makes it so much more interesting.

Everyday is far from sunshine and rainbows. Some days I am depressed as hell but those days are just as good as the great ones in that they teach me to love the great ones so much more. So you can take your "perfect" life and "I know everything" attitude and shove it up your keister. We don't want none of that here.

So, anyone else just fed up with how we all treat each other sometimes?

P.s. It's quite possible I am suffering from a very bad week of PMS. It's been a rough week of secretly (or not so secretly) wanting to kill everyone. I'll get over it in a few days I'm sure. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Conversations With The Cuddler

{Conversations with The Cuddler posts are excerpts of conversations with my husband, James. It's a peek at the hilarious, sometimes bazaar, always nonsensical topics that come up around here. In short, my husband just says the darndest things.} 

I've mentioned before that my best friend is pregnant with a little baby boy, right? That's the baby shower I've been hard at work planning and crafting for. 

In the process of helping her with baby names, Jimmy and I have become a little fixated on finding names for our own future brood. We had a heck of a time naming Raine. He was three days old before we finally decided! So while it may seem odd that we're trying to name children were not even trying to conceive yet, we figure it can't hurt to start thinking of some now so we don't end up in the same predicament as we were in before..... Because it sucked. Girls names have been so easy (totally have the perfect one picked out and ready) the boy names..... Ugh, boy names. 

Me: ugh, searching for boys names really sucks!
James: hhmmm, what about Dyson then?
Me: I do love that vacuum...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why do I even leave the house?

So I mentioned yesterday that we were making a conscious effort to leave the house more. We tend to be antisocial hermits most the time. We are pretty content to just spend all said time together in the house all day. Some people may find this pretty dull but we find just about everything else dull so rather than force ourselves to do things we couldn't care less about we just choose to hide and enjoy our time together doing the things that we enjoy which usually doesn't require that we leave our house. Besides, there isn't much to do in this town other than go to a bar or see a movie or a combination of the two. Why go out and do that when I can do it at home in my pajamas! Course I could go out in my pajamas..... But we won't go there. 
Now that we have Raine though it's occurred to us that it's probably not fair to raise him as a hermit too. We should probably at least give him a fighting chance, don't you think? Oddly, the kid is super social. He loves to be around people and even though he pretends to be sometimes, he isn't shy at all. I'd like to encourage this fondness for people as much as possible even if it means I have to be social too. 

*sigh* the things I do for this kid.

So last week we took Raine to a few parks and this weekend we went to a few yard sales with my mom. You never know what you can find at these things and Raine really enjoys talking to all the people he gets to meet. Or should I say, he enjoys conning free stuff out of adorable yet naive old ladies. 

I will say this, it was really nice to get out of the house and do something with my family. Especially now that I'm staying home with Raine. The fresh air was nice and it isn't often I get a chance to wear something other than pjs. Rain was ecstatic and loved every minute of it. He's quite the social butterfly, that one. Even socially grumpy Jimmy was in good spirits. Course, it may have been the fact that he scored a golf net for a buck at my aunts yard sale..... Yeah, I don't know either.

The thing is, I've lived in this town my entire life. Other than brief moments where I lived with family in New York I've always lived in this small town (it's considered a city but could have fooled me) in Connecticut. Being that I don't drive though and public transportation is scarce around here I've been sort of blind as to what's been going on in this town.

I'm sure you've heard me say before that the neighborhood I live in isn't exactly legit. We have (actually it's had. They moved) a couple of drug dealers living next door and generally just other shady criminal activity going on. But it's not like I ever felt like we were in danger. I didn't appreciate the stuff going on or Raine possibly seeing it but it wasn't like I lived in some crazy dangerous area. My views on that have changed a little bit though.

I wouldn't say it's dangerous. I still wouldn't say that. But it's no longer the town I grew up in. When I grew up we were outside from dawn till dusk only coming in for lunch in between. We played in the neighborhood and we played in the woods surrounding our homes and our parents didn't really have to worry too much about all the things parents of my generation have to worry about now.

I was a badass when I was a kid. Can't you tell? I just realized I am still sporting those same bangs....

I know that no matter how I look at it, times have changed and there's no going back. This is just how the world is now and parents have to be more cautious as a result. I guess I just didn't expect my hometown to change so drastically so fast. Being out and about in it the last week my eyes were opened.

Taking my kid to the park I had to be more aware of what was going on around me. I had to keep a closer eye on shady individuals hanging around the place. Gone are the days where you could leave your door unlocked or even let your kids play in their own backyard.

I find myself hoping just a little bit that the bank comes back and tells us no on the offer we put in on this house. That way we can move just a couple towns away where we feel it's a little safer for our kids.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not naïve enough to believe that anyplace is totally safe. And I'm smart enough to realize that as my kids grow older they are bound to get themselves in all sorts of trouble. I'm sure they'll be sneaking out of the house and experimenting with things against everything I try to do to stop them. What I'm hoping for is a place where I know that if my kid sneaks out of the house at night to go pool hopping (hey! I did it.) I know that she's not going to get raped and murdered for her efforts to be rebellious. That if my kid is going to experiment with drugs it's more likely going to be pot or cigarettes and not heroin.

I can't put my family in a bubble..... (Or can I?) All I am hoping for is a place that will be generally safe for them to grow and learn the way I did. It's just hard. I'm sad to realize that it's probably not going to be here where I grew up. Where I actually enjoyed my childhood.

This is what I get for leaving my house where it's safe and I can remain blissfully ignorant. Now I have to sign my family up for karate classes and invest in a gun permit. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instagram Lovins

I've been running around all week and getting out of the house way more than I am used to. We (James and I) made a deal to do this more. You know, make an attempt for The Kid's sake not to be such antisocial hermits. There has been some pros and cons to it though. More on that tomorrow. 

Until then, it's Sunday so time for me to dump my instagram haul on ya. Let's get to it, shall we?

1} Mr Scowly Fussy Pants. If I just throw a bag of goldfish crackers at him he's suddenly my cheery perfect boy again. It's like Jekyll and Hyde.
2} Crafting my ass off. Making invites for a baby shower and Raine's birthday :)
3 & 4} "hat?" yes Raine, it's daddy's hat. He puts it on now then says "Go bye bye car?". Jimmy only wears the thing when we leave the house so he's made the association that if Jimmy puts it on it's time to go somewhere. We've taken to hiding it now ;)
5} My curls are back! I'm so happy. I never thought I'd see those ringlets again but now with my hair shorter and the weight off my hair is all perdy again.
6} Raine is following in his father's footsteps with his corn fixation.
7 & 8} Raine will play in his crib a good hour after nap time. Whatever floats his boat I guess.
9} I love his handsome little face.
10} ... and that handsome face too!
11} That dress was skin tight like spandex a few weeks ago. Now it's a little baggy. Heck yes!
12} I loved these spooky stories as a kid. Scored all three books at a yard sale for 50 cents!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear Raine,
All this week you've been counting from 1 to 10..... We've only been working on 1 through 5. So, umm, what's up with that, huh? I never okayed independent learning! All kidding aside, where the hell did you learn to count to 10?! I'm with you all darn day.... I know I didn't teach you. I don't get it. I'm super proud of you but I just don't get it.

Dear current furniture and decor,
I hate you. All of you. I honestly cannot wait until we move so that I can replace all of you. Slowly but surely, room by room, I am replacing everything and redecorating. Your clock is ticking. I thought you should know. 

Dear potential new furniture,
Get cheaper. Consider going on sale maybe. I'm going to have to start playing the lotto or stripping if you don't cooperate. kthanks!

Dear fall,
I am so Über excited that you're almost here. I can't even begin to explain it. And now that Raine is almost two I am looking forward to all the new things we can do with you this year. Halloween, Raine's birthday, our wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving! Can't forget Thanksgiving.  Not to mention the pumpkin spiced lattes that are going to make me gain back the weight I have lost so far, the picking pumpkins, cooler weather and heavier clothes.....oh I am so pumped! You're my absolute favorite time of the year. 

Dear new house (whatever house that may be),
You're in so much trouble. Jimmy has promised me that I can decorate you with as many lights as I want come Christmas time. I am going to light you up brighter than the sun, baby!

Dear potential new neighbors,
I apologize in advance for..... you know, bringing our nonsense to your quiet little neighborhood. 


Dear James,
I am so lucky to have you. I know this. Whenever I lose sight of this though, like that time you got all loaded at the bar and kept singing renditions of New Edition's "Cool it now" all loud and sloppy drunk over and over, all I have to do is look at the relationships we are surrounded by to remember you're quite a catch albeit sometimes a sloppy-drunk-whining-for-his-cookie-dough-that-we-never-had-in-the-house-to-begin-with-type of catch. Thankfully you only drink, like once a year now, right? Anyways, I love you and appreciate the hell out of you. Now, can I have a puppy, please?

Dear camera, 
I really need to start breaking you out more. iPhone pictures aren't all that bad but I don't want every picture I have of Raine to be from my phone. I wanted you for a reason! So I think it's time that I start carrying you around a little more often. Oh, and maybe it's time I start actually learning how to use you too, hmm? What do you think?

Dear new readers,
Welcome! I hope you like it around this here blog. It can get a little crazy sometimes, I'm not going to lie. Oh, and my husband is an attention whore so expect to see his face here quite a bit. I'm so sorry about that ;D

Happy Friday, Peeps!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

Weight loss this week: 1 lb
Total weight loss: 7 lbs

Not bad. I'm not going to complain. 1 pound down is totally a loss and that's fine by me. I did expect to lose a little bit more this week seeing as I didn't eat poorly even once and I stuck to my exercise all week but it's better than not losing weight at all or worse, gaining weight.

I have something to confess though and it will probably explain my semi-stagnant state as far as weight loss and health....

I only eat once a day.

*gasp* I know. You can start throwing stones now. I totally deserve it! But hear me out, I am not purposely starving myself I promise. I've always been this way. My stomach tends to be a little sensitive during the day so the only thing that I can really consume without feeling gross or sick is coffee and water. Anything more solid and I just don't feel right. It's been that way my whole life.

Everyone is always on my case though and for good reason. It's not healthy to only eat once a day. Not to mention I go all day without food and usually don't eat until 6 p.m. Don't ask me how I do it but I do. Jimmy is always on my case going on about how my body is eating itself and my Doctor wants to pimp smack me.

Image via

What makes this problem a little worse now is that I'm burning nearly 900 calories a day on the elliptical. Even if we have a big dinner it's still usually only 900 calories that I consume..... if I am lucky! We eat lots of chicken and vegetables round these parts. I'm on track to send my body right into fat storing or starvation mode.... If I haven't already! I've even been experiencing symptoms of malnutrition on top of all that.

My first thought was to lessen the amount I exercise but that probably isn't the best way to approach getting healthy. I know I need to eat more. Regardless of if my tummy gets a little queasy or that I immediately associate eating more as being a bad thing I know I definitely need to eat more during the day. No excuses!

Image via

So I'm starting slowly. A piece of fruit in the morning and some toast and butter or soup for lunch. So far my stomach isn't happy about it. I feel like I ate a whole cow all day! But I will admit that I seem to have more energy now that I'm eating more.

I've mentally prepared myself for the fact that I might actually gain weight next week. According to Mr. "I know everything" if I'm already in fat storing mode then my body may need to restart before my metabolism starts kicking in normally again. But the goal is healthy not skinny, remember? So I'll do what it takes to achieve it.

Come join the link up and get healthy, Homies!

All In My Twenties

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a Duckie Girl

I love the movie Pretty in Pink. More importantly I love John Cryer in Pretty in Pink. Well maybe not John Cryer himself but the character he plays, Duckie. I have a major crush on Duckie. When people ask me what celebrity I would leave Jimmy for..... It's Duckie every time. And you'd be right in your assumption that everyone usually thinks I'm crazy.

But think about it for a moment. Okay, he may not be the sexiest man alive but this guy's got style! Style I can totally get down with. He's cute as hell and we know he's devoted. I mean, he'd do anything for Andie (Molly Ringwald). Even let her go to be with another guy even though it's clear that he loves her. He's got a great sense of humor and it's hard to find a man sometimes with an actual personality! And that scene where he's lip synching to Otis Redding? Priceless.

I could never really figure out what Andie was thinking. She had this perfect guy right under her nose yet she gets herself all caught up with Blane (Andrew McCarthy). You know, Blane. The perfect, overly-attractive-he's-almost-pretty, rich, popular kid at school. I suppose I can see his appeal and in the end he turns out to not be such a bad guy but he's no Duckie. I'd imagine life would be a lot more boring with Blane. That's just me though. There isn't anything wrong with liking Blane but me? I'd choose Duckie any day.

What's up with the popular guy always chasing after the geeky, offbeat, girl anyway?

Jimmy is totally a Duckie. You couldn't find a more colorful personality, I swear. But most of you guys know this.... those who have been reading for a while anyway ;) If you're new here, stick around for awhile because my husband is quite the character. He's unique, crazy, and funny as hell but don't tell him that. His ego's big enough as it is.

You could probably categorize all men that way now that I think about it. As either being Duckies or Blanes. Or you can even add in Steffs (James Spader) because god knows there's enough pompous assholes running around. Those type of guys would definitely be Steffs. I think if you evaluate each guy you know they would probably fall into one of those three categories. Some may fall in all three. If that's the case you may want to consider avoiding them. They may have some serious personality issues ;)

But just because I am more of a Duckie type gal doesn't mean that type is perfect for everybody. What about you? Are you a Duckie girl or are you team Blane?

If you're team Steff I'll be honest, you may need your head examined. Then again, we are talking about James Spader here..... Daniel in Stargate? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, maybe I have an odd taste in men.

How could you not love this guy? I mean, really?! Maybe it's me but..... that's hawt!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I is a new monthly link up hosted by these five awesome ladies...

Danielle @ Framed Frosting

So what's the deal? Answer five random (we know I love random) questions about yourself and link up. Why? To get to know each other better, of course! Visit Breanna to learn more :)

On with this months questions....

1. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
I'm not sure it's the fear of failure that stops me from doing things to begin with. I pretty much enter most things knowing that there's a possibility I might fail. Failure really just doesn't scare me all that much. It's the act of not trying at all that bothers me. And unfortunately it is true that I don't even try sometimes. This is mostly due to laziness or that I'm simply trying to avoid a hassle. The possibility of failure rarely sways me either way.

That being said, if I were able to do something with no possibility of failure whatsoever then I think I would start my own business. A physical brick and mortar one. I've had a few online businesses that were actually successful but I have been tossing around the idea with Jimmy to open a physical one for a few years now. It comes with a little bit of a financial risk though that we are hesitant to get involved in now that we have a kid depending on us.

By now you may be wondering what kind of business.... My lips are sealed for now. I don't want to jinx it when we do decide to go for it ;)

2. If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
I would spend as much time as possible with my family. I would write letters to my son so that he could read them when he grew up. I'd also take many videos and photos of myself with him so that he could see that I loved him. I'd love up on my mom even though she's not the hugging, cuddling kind of person. I know that she would take it hard and be glad that I hugged the hell out of her later when I'm gone. I would quit making excuses and get outside more. I'd try to fit in as many adventures with Jimmy and Raine as possible. My goal would be to leave them with as many good memories as possible.

.... and now I'm just going to take a little break to go cry like a little girl for a minute ;)

3. If a front page news article was written on you, what would the headline be?
Any news article or headline about me probably wouldn't be a positive one....

Woman acts as real-life 'Dexter' killing pedophiles


Neighbor abuses pet dog so woman abuses neighbor

Okay I guess that could be positive depending on who you are talking to ;) Is this one better? 

Woman wins lottery and donates it to St. Jude's Hospital

I'm a big advocate for children and pets if you haven't noticed.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I can't stand when people say "I could care less" ..... It's "COULDN'T care less"!! That statement doesn't make any sense if you COULD care less! If you could care less then it means you do care!!!! Just think about it for a second. I'm not much of a grammar Nazi but that's just one that drives me insane.

Also, Facebook drama and other Facebook attention seeking behavior like I wrote about here.

5. What is your favorite chick flick movie?
I can't really think of any stereotypical chick flicks that I like so much that I would call it my favorite out of the genre.... Actually I'm not all that into them. The closest would probably be the movie Just Friends. It's more of a comedy than it is a chick flick but the love story makes it close enough for me. Either way it's hilarious..... Oohh, ooohhh, Wedding Crashers too! It's a comedy but still partly a chick flick in my opinion. I think it's tie between those two movies.

So, what about you? Won't you join the link up?

Monday Morning Blues

I feel like I have nothing worthy to write about today. My mind is filled with all sorts of busy bee little things. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't at least a little bit stressed. I have a million things to do and only a month to do them in. I'm one of those people that takes on too much at once like all the time.

The thing is, I know that I can do it all. It's just all looking very overwhelming right now so instead of actually getting started I am staring at the project load and wanting to kill myself. I am most definitely a procrastinator as much as I try to be otherwise.

I have to simultaneously plan Raine's 2nd birthday party and my best friend's baby shower which are both within a week of each other. No big deal. I just have to make the invites and some decorations. I just didn't expect to still be doing house buying stuff when I took on these projects. I thought we would be in a new house by now. So at the same time I also have to do some random home repairs which we decided to do ourselves in order to save money. Not to mention jumping through all the hoops that my realtor and lawyer are going to want us to jump through in order to buy this house. At the end of all this I'm definitely going to be feeling like superwoman.

So that's my excuse for being a little blank today. I refuse to procrastinate though. I'm going to sit down and write up some checklists to keep myself organized. Yep, checklists. They fix everything. Because as of right now I don't even know what I need to do! Figuring that out might be a good start, don't you think?

Oy!! Happy Monday, homies.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Instagram Lovins

It's been a good week. I have zero to complain about and I suffer from chronic pissing and moaning. But I've got nothing. It's been nice and quiet now that the house and Jimmy's job stuff is sorted out. So nice to have my head emptied of all that crap!

Today we are painting and repairing some things around the apartment....which basically translates to me standing over Jimmy while he does it and making sure he's not messing it up ;) So while we are doing that enjoy some instagram love...

1} Raine was in a piss poor whiney mood last week. 
2} This is the face I got when I told him as much.
3} I am seriously starting to get jealous over how beautiful this kids hair is.
4} This is what I got going on. Drab, flat, and boring. My hair needs a makeover!
5} So I got one! Yup, I hacked it off. I've been saying I would ;)
6} Oh look! My curls are back :)
7} I swear James missed his calling as a chef. Who picks chemistry and law over food anyway?! I'm serious, this guy can cook. I mean, I'm no slouch either but anyone can follow a recipe (mostly) but he just puts things together and it's like yum! This guy makes canned soup taste amazing for craps sake. This is bruschetta chicken, by the way.
8} Aaron Neville was on Sesame Street this morning. Jimmy is all obsessed with singing like "Neville" and has taught Raine how's been a long morning! 

Also, Jimmy and I have been getting a kick out of this Sesame Street True Blood parody:

Bahahahaha, what the heck, right?

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday! I need a drink. 

Dear sellers of the house we put an offer in on,
Thanks for accepting! You totally made our weekend especially after a frustrating few days last week. I know it's a short sale and so your approval doesn't necessarily mean it's final but it's one obstacle we needed to overcome so far. Even if the bank says no and we don't get the house I still appreciate the good mood your acceptance put us in. :)

Dear desire to learn,
You make things so much more interesting. Lately when I become frustrated because I don't know how to do something, rather than give up like I usually do, I find that I have this new desire to figure it out. To learn something new. I may not be able to always figure it out on my own but when I do it's a really awesome feeling. I am really digging this new side of myself.

Dear Raine,
Your diapers have been dry the last few mornings and you've been really interested in the potty. Is it possible? Are you ready to start training? I don't want to rush you. It's not like you're going to graduate in diapers so no need to rush. Whenever you're ready..... It's just...... could you quit flushing the toilet over and over and over again, please? Thanks.

Dear lovely realtor of mine,
Why didn't you tell me when we were signing the contract to put an offer in on this house that you were going to list another perfect house this week?! You're usually right on top of that. I may have wanted to see it before we made an official offer. But you know what? It's cool. I'm satisfied with the house we chose. And hey, if the bank does reject our offer, now we have another house waiting in the wings..... hopefully anyway.

Dear James,
I thought you were a little crazy replacing mayo with ranch dressing to make a tuna sandwich. You argued that it was less calories but I still thought you were nuts..... Until I tried it. It was so good! In fact you could hardly tell it was ranch dressing! Way to bring tuna back into my life. These are the reasons why I love you :)

Dear bestie friend,
Thanks for coming and hanging out with me this week! I get a little lonely sitting in this house with the baby all day. You probably want to kill me for talking a mile a minute and just blabbing away so thanks for letting me just go on and on and on. It's just so nice to talk to GROWN UPS! ....not that we can really actually ever can be considered one of those ;) I'm having way too much fun planning your baby shower! I can't wait till your little boy joins the party. :)

Dear long hair,
You are so long and I know that I was actually trying to grow you out but I am not sure about all that now. You are heavy and the kid keeps accidentally pulling on it..... that doesn't feel good. If I put you up it hurts my poor head and gives me a headache. I'm sorry but I think it's time I quit you. I know, I keep on doing this. I grow you super long then chop away at you but I need a change. YOU need a change. Besides, you will grow back.

Dear major furniture sale,
Way to go! You came at the perfect time. Going from an 1100 sq ft apartment to a 2400 sq ft house is going to leave things looking pretty sparse and it's not like I have a ton of money to buy furniture. You're saving us a lot. Thanks!

Dear apartment,
Time to start fixing you up for our new tenant. We are starting this weekend. Take it easy on me, okay? I hate painting.

Have a fantastic weekend, homies!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

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I asked Jimmy if I could have a reward when I reached my goal a puppy perhaps? That conversation didn't go as planned. He said something about just having another baby if I was feeling the "itch". That's just great. So my reward for getting all healthy and skinnified would be to get fat again. Lovely. 

Alright let's hit the stats first...

Weight loss this week: a big fat ZERO!
Total weight loss: 6 lbs

I'll admit, I'm a little bummed to be hitting a plateau so soon in the game. Jimmy thinks my body is making up for the bigger loss I had last week (4 lbs) and just averaging itself out. I think it's the fact that we had pizza and ice cream last week. Wanna take bets on who's right?

I suppose I should just be happy that I didn't gain anything.

It was a bad week last week for us. Some emotional things went down and when we get upset we tend to try to replace that feeling with food. Basically, we eat junk to try and cheer ourselves up. It's not really a good habit we have and we've been trying to break it.

It's funny now that I think about it. We eat the junk to try and cheer ourselves up yet every time we eat it we feel sick. I guess our bodies aren't used to eating like that anymore. So the next day is spent fighting over the bathroom and basically just feeling rundown and sick. Yuck! And anyway, why am I wasting my money on this crap?!

I also think my body acclimated to my elliptical workout so I wasn't burning as many calories as I thought I was. This week I upped myself a level. I can't do Turbo Jam anymore because all of the hyper jumping around is killing my knees and my hip flexor seems to be screwed. No amount of stretching seems to make it feel better. It only started to get better once I stopped doing the Turbo Jam entirely. So now I'm going to try to work in Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It looks pretty intense but it's not a lot of jumping around and acting crazy. It's a lot more controlled movements so I'm hoping that my knees and hip flexor will handle that better.

I guess it's possible Jimmy was right. According to my calorie burn I should've been down a pound regardless of all the junk food. He ate all the same stuff and managed to lose a pound this week so I can't tell if he's right, that my body was catching up with itself, or if he's just a lucky bastard. My bets are on the latter though ;)

I guess we'll find out next week.

All In My Twenties

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I just like to torture myself. No, really.

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Why do I bother watching medical dramas? I mean, way to stir up my hypochondria, right?

Oh yeah, I'm also a hypochondriac. Officially diagnosed my friends. My therapist said something about it being normal for someone who has lost a parent at such a young age. I'm just unloading all my neurosis on you this week, aren't I? I know I know, it's a little One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest around here. Don't even get me started on Jimmy.....

Moving on.

So I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix because I needed something to watch while I was on my elliptical. I'm really enjoying the show but unfortunately it's making me paranoid. Plus giving me heart palpitations. I'll just be plugging along on my elliptical with a nice healthy heart rate going on when all of a sudden they start talking about some serious disease or, heaven forbid, cancer and I get all freaked out. Then my heart starts to go crazy! Not cool man, not cool.

But I'm into the storyline now so I'm dedicated. Once I start watching a show, unless it's terribly dreary, I have to see it through to the end. Even if it's only mildly interesting. As long as there's some interest there then I'm stuck with it.

The thing is, I know that it's going to freak me out yet I keep watching them anyway. You would think that if I know that these types of shows bother me that I'd avoid them entirely, right? But nope, it's like I just subconsciously search them out. But they're just so interesting! House?? Come on, you know I'm right.

*sigh* Well, I guess WebMD is going to get a lot of traffic from my direction over the next couple of weeks....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Conversations With The Cuddler

{Conversations with The Cuddler posts are excerpts of conversations with my husband, James. It's a peek at the hilarious, sometimes bazaar, always nonsensical topics that come up around here. In short, my husband just says the darndest things.} 

Over the weekend Jimmy was scouring through the cupboards looking for something to snack on...

James: I think I'll have a tub of frosting...

I give up. I didn't even bother saying anything because I just give up. 

At least corn would be healthier...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Damn the dentist

I am terrified of the dentist. I know, who isn't right? It's sort of a quirky fear though because I don't think I am afraid of going to the dentist itself. I've never had a negative experience or anything like that. In fact, all of my dental experiences have been good (knock on wood for the next time) and dare I say, even great. Even that time when I was so terrified to get my wisdom teeth out that I broke out in shingles turned out to be an amazing experience...... I'm not quite right, I know.

That time it was about facing the fear though. It wasn't even a fear of pain really because I have had my fair share of pain (hello 10 lb baby with a 4 th degree tear ....... and you know you just love the TMI ;D) but more a fear of the anesthesia. I had never been put out before and I was convinced I would be one of those people who was either allergic and dies or that I would be one of those rare cases where the person is "out" but completely aware of their surroundings and what it going on....including being hacked into. You know what I am talking about. You've heard the stories...

But I got through it and afterwards I felt totally jazzed. I had faced one of my crazy fears and kicked it's ass! Pretty amazing in my book. For me anyway because at the time I was riddled with fear for all sorts of things. Now I get a kick out of facing them head on (not my driving phobia though....that's a phobia so it's a different matter entirely) and love the little rush I get when I come out the other side triumphant.

As I was saying, I don't think my current fear of the dentist is actually about going to the dentist to get work done or a cleaning ..... I think it's the damn socializing part! I haven't yet found a dentist I have developed a rapport with and being that I develop this little fear of getting to know a new doctor it's sometimes years between dental visits for me. This in itself creates an embarrassment issue for me because I worry the new dentist may "judge" me for not getting my rear end in for a routine cleaning and preventative care. Do you see the neurotic direction this is taking?

It doesn't stop at a dentist though. I am going through the same thing with my gynecologists. They delivered my son for pete's sake but I just feel "off" and am considering starting over somewhere else. Are they good doctors? amazing actually but not very personable so I suppose I felt rejected in a sense. But what the heck do I want exactly? to be put on their Christmas card list?

Raine's pediatrician's office? I LOVE them. I never feel judged and uncomfortable when I take Raine. And before you suggest that it's because they aren't my doctors I should mention that I love my primary care physician too! I have no hesitations going to see her or calling with a question ..... well maybe some. Going to the doctor isn't cheap even with insurance.

Honestly, I probably would be just fine with any number of painful procedures as long as I felt comfortable with the doctor doing them. Odd right? Think about it, tattoos don't tickle (not even a little) but I have no problem going and getting one done because I love my artist ..... who recently moved south on me and now I am procrastinating over finding a new one for my arm piece ...... maybe what I really need is a therapist.

So why all this talk of fear and doctors? I need a tooth pulled. Bargle.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Instagram Lovins and house hunting things

This week turned into quite the whirlwind! A few unexpected things but it all turned out well least, I hope.

We met with our realtor this morning and officially put in an offer on a house. It's a house that we have had our eye on for a little while but were unsure if it would work as a permanent home for us or if it was more of a "this will work for a few years" type house. But after a few developments this week we have decided to buy something now just so we can grow and spread out a little bit as a family and if we have to buy again in a few years then so be it. Finding that permanency has been a little too time consuming and we really feel we need to move on before Christmas. 

I've liked this house for awhile now though. It's got enough space at 2400 sq ft and 4 bedrooms for all the little kidlets I want to have. Plenty of room for the 130 lb pup too. The one downfall is a slightly sloping yard but we have some ideas for that too. Plus it's cheap! 

But that's the kicker. It's cheap because it's a short sale. This means the sellers bank agreed to take less than the seller owes to avoid foreclosure. The sellers could accept our offer but the bank might not so it's two approvals we have to wait around for. My realtor doesn't have much faith that our offer will be accepted but felt it was worth a shot. Fingers crossed we come out lucky but if not we just keep on looking which should be easier now that we don't mind if it's not our permanent solution. 

On to the instagram love.....

1} Jimmy got me this coffee warmer as a gag gift for Christmas and I swear it's my favorite thing ever.
2} Raine has a serious thing for books. Unfortunately they get a little worn from all his abuse. I am going to have to buy him all new copies of these.
3} Curled up in bed watching spooky shows with The Cuddler.
4} I can't help it. I love my kid's tiny toes!
5} It was that kind of weekend. I love me some Depeche.
6} Eating his veggies and being all handsome.....and freakin messy. I'm glad his father cleans up after dinner ;)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear knees,
Quit hurting! You're only 30 years old so this achey, whiney crap is stupid. I am going to keep pushing so you're just going to have to suck it up. Hmmph.

Dear realtors,
Why so deceitful? Be clear that the square footage you listed includes the finished basement. It's not like I am not going to notice when I come see the place so what's the point in being vague, hmm? I am not an idiot and you're wasting my time as well as yours. When you're deceitful about these things it makes me wonder what else you could be fibbing about so I start to avoid your listings entirely. Just saying. Other realtors have no issue being up front about everything so I'll stick with them. kthnx.

Dear James,
Thanks for being so awesome and cooking us healthy meals every night even though I know you would give anything to eat pizza or Wendy's. If it weren't for you I would have caved already. Thanks for keeping least for me. I still suspect you're sneaking goodies at work though. You were kind of smelling like honey buns the other day. Get it together, man.

Dear Facebook homies,
Quit posting vague statuses if you have no intention of explaining yourself. If the subject is too private to be posting about it then why do you need to hint at all? Cut the crap. The rest of us think you look like an attention seeking idiot. In fact, here's some questions you should ask yourself before updating your status....

Is it necessary?
Is it informative?
Is it humorous therefore worth sharing? 
Are you seeking information?
Are you looking to converse or politely debate?
Will anyone even care?

If you answered "no" to all the above then don't even bother posting. If you're still unsure then ask yourself this...

Am I looking for attention? 
Am I looking for a pat on the back? 
Am I talking crap about someone and I want them to see it because I am too chicken to say it to their face?
Am I looking to start an argument? (this includes debates with the intention of arguing)
Am I trying to make others jealous? 
Am I looking to gloat or rub something in someone's face?

If you answered "yes" to any of those then again, don't bother posting. But hey, we've all posted a questionable status once or twice. We all have our slip ups. I'm cool with that. But there are some serious offenders out know who you are. *evileye* If you want to piss and moan may I suggest a blog? ;D

Dear olympics,
Yeah, I have no idea. I don't watch you so I am clueless as to what everyone is talking about. Unfortunately I have no time for these things. Besides, I really don't care. Sorry. :/

Dear James,
Wanna just have another baby? I'm sort of sick of waiting. We are bound to be in a house by the time he/she is born, right? Meh, I'll probably change my mind again by the time you get home from work.

Dear Raine,
We just bought you all these 2T clothes and now it's starting to look like you will be in 3T by your birthday. That's madness. Slow down. You're just as big at some 4 year olds!!   You're not even two yet so cool it. Maybe it's time you cut back on the spinach, hmm? 


Btw, that Facebook stuff was meant to be playful....... kind of. I'm in a sarcastic mood today ;)
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Inspire Me: Healthy Week 2

When I was pregnant with Raine I gained 32 lbs total through out the entire pregnancy. I was only 110lbs at the time of conception and being that I feel that is an unhealthy weight for me I don't think it counts. I was only 110 lbs because I was stressed to the max at the time and barely eating. I think I am healthier at 120-125 lbs and that is what I usually average out at so that's what I choose to go with as my starting pregnancy weight. With that in mind, I like to think I only gained 22 lbs. I could be wrong though *shrug* that's not really my point anyway. 

When I had Raine I dropped the weight in the first week.....22lbs anyway so I was back down to 120 lbs. With the help of my trusty Belly Bandit my tummy was flat by week two postpartum. I thought I was the luckiest lady in the world but don't clap or hate me just yet, it didn't last too long. 

By week three my weight was climbing back up. At the time I thought life with a newborn was becoming a little taxing especially when it came to meal times. It was much easier to run to Mcdonald's than cook dinner when we had all that new baby stuff going on. Six months later I was back up the 22 lbs and then 7 lbs on top of that for a wonderful total of 29 lbs up from two weeks postpartum. It hit me like a brick wall when I realized I actually weighed 7 lbs more than the day before I gave birth.

So I got down to business and I shoved Jimmy down to business too because he was also looking a little fluffy. We started eating at home again and healthy like we used to before baby. We started exercising a bit. Nothing crazy. Just easing ourselves into it but week after week that scale didn't budge. Not even an ounce!

My doctors had warned me back at my 6 week post baby check up that I may retain some weight while I nursed The Boy. Maybe even more weight than I expected because I was producing so much milk. (not to overload you with the TMI but I'm like a stinkin cow okay?) and my body needed to store the fat to make the milk. I didn't believe a word though because all I had ever heard was that breastfeeding would help me lose the weight and all that blah blah blah. But when that six month mark hit and my weight still wasn't moving I just sort of gave up. It wasn't going down but at least it wasn't going up either. 

Here we are 18 months later and I have been cutting out feedings with Raine. My goal is to have him completely weaned by his second birthday in September. I think my doctors must have been right though because this week I lost 4 lbs!! 

Weight loss this week: 4 lbs
Total: 6 lbs!!

I've been keeping track of my calorie burn and I was really only projecting a 2 lb loss if I went according to that but the scale surprised me this week. The only thing I can figure is that it's because I am cutting feedings and my body is changing as a result. I'm totally cool with this but I don't want the weight to drop off at an unhealthy rate (remember, the goal is healthy not skinny) so if I see a similar weight loss next week than I am going to cut back on my calorie burn to make sure I don't lose more than the recommended 2 lbs a week. 

I did take a few before pictures but I don't have the guts to really show them until I have those after pictures. I had posted these pictures from the fourth of July on the blog but edited to hide the little bit of chub I have going on....

Ugh.......Raine looks cute though!

I know I am not "fat" but it still bothers me not to mention I just feel like crap overall. A lifestyle change is definitely needed. 

Come Join the link up and lets get healthy!

All In My Twenties

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conversations With The Cuddler

{Conversations with The Cuddler posts are excerpts of conversations with my husband, James. It's a peek at the hilarious, sometimes bazaar, always nonsensical topics that come up around here. In short, my husband just says the darndest things.} 

 Jimmy and I were watching Teen Mom when one of those commercials came on that goes a little something like "If you or a loved one has been the victim of domestic violence....." 

Jimmy: Could you write down that number for me?
Me: *I scowl and then punch him in the leg*
Jimmy: Let me reiterate.....

 Apparently he'll never let me live this down.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How about some forlorn for breakfast?

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I need me a good ramble, I hope you don't mind?
Thanks, I knew you'd understand.

I'm feeling so forlorn today. Forlorn....there's a word. Doesn't it just sound depressing? Ugh, I just can't shake free from it. Maybe I need a pick-me-up.....a good cry....a banana split. Hmmmm, banana split. Hey, I worked out for two hours this morning to try and dig myself out of this mood! It still didn't make me feel much better. The least I could get is some damn ice cream.

It's just one of those days. No reason for it apparently. It's possible I am coming down with something. I'm achey and I can't tell if it's from all this lovely physical fitness I've been doing or if it's a fever brewing in my bones. Maybe I should stick to the elliptical for a few days and see if that helps a bit. It's a lot less stressful on the joints.

Frustration is definitely sitting at the surface though. I'm best when life is moving forward but being stuck in this stand still hasn't done much for my positive attitude. I've been feeling like time is speeding down the tracks and we are stuck in this one spot while the days fly by. What makes it more mind numbingly tedious is that there is nothing I can do about it but "be patient". This patience crap is the pits, yo. I'm losing precious minutes of my life here!

*sigh* So we just go about things as best we can. Any step forward is hindered by some other step that needs to take place. I am trying to appreciate this very moment regardless of this current dead end and I am not doing half bad at it either but there are just days where I'd like to punch something in the face.

I'd gladly tango with a tiger if it would ease some of this pent up anxious energy.

Or maybe it's really just a cold coming on.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Terrorists don't always mess everything up

I may have talked about this before......although my little list of future blog post ideas begs to differ....unless I forgot to delete this particular thought. Either way it's been on my mind lately so if you've already heard me go on about this before I won't mind if you skip this one.

Having kids changes you. Those of us who have them know that already. As much as you may buck and fight against this change, whether you like it or not, it happens. I think sometimes it can be subtle while other times, as was the case with me, it's pretty dramatic. For most people it seems to be a good change. A natural part of growing up and coming into our own. I have seen it change a few people for the worse but I'm thankful that it changed me for the better.....WAY better. I'm no saint now but three years ago? Whoa nelly!

It changes relationships too. Especially with your significant other. After going through these changes and watching others become parents I am now convinced that having kids can officially make or break a relationship. It's like a crazy test of strength and love between a couple.

Think about it, the first few weeks with a new baby is usually euphoric. Everyone is happy and excited about the new tyke and, pending any postpartum depression issues (which are not included in my little hypothesis), everything is rainbows and puppies. After those first couple weeks (give or take) things change a bit though. Sleep deprivation kicks in and the new baby decides to break out a list of demands that if left unfulfilled will force him to launch world war three on your ass. Welcome to the next year of your life, homies.

Oh c'mon! You know it's true. We may love them but that doesn't mean they aren't teeny tiny terrorists. Oh sure, some may be easier than others but we all get a taste of the rebellion at some point.

Enter the stress, lack of sleep, no sex life to speak of, and all the other demands of parenthood. It's bound to put some strain on a relationship. I'm being gentle by saying "some" because really, it's a whole heck of a lot of strain. Unfortunately, I have seen relationships crumble under this strain. Sometimes it takes a few years but it happens.

Jimmy and I went through it. One minute I would be all mushed over just watching him be an awesome dad to his son and the next I would fantasize about hitting him over the head with a couch. We were so tired and then when Raine miraculously started sleeping through the night (a whole blessed 12 hours a night at that!) then other things would gnaw at our sanity like Raine coming down with terribly bad reflux issues, breastfeeding complications, going back to work, etc.

We fought. I won't deny that we fought. I may have even threatened his life once or twice. But I began to notice a pattern with us as we got used to this whole parenting thing. We learned to work together as a team. And we became a pretty powerful team at that. When problems would arise we would tackle them head on.....together.

It helps that Jimmy is a very hands on dad. Raine mostly slept well but up until recently he would still get up for a quick nursing session once or twice a night then go back to sleep. James has never missed a night feeding. Being that I am breastfeeding, there is no reason for Jimmy to get up with me to feed Raine and I even argued that he should stay in bed but he got up with us regardless. Never once have I felt like it's my job to care for Raine while Jimmy works to support us. When Jimmy comes home from work he's right in with Raine changing diapers, playing, then starting dinner. If anything he does more than I do!

But without Raine I don't think I would have ever seen this side of James and I would have never fallen even further in love with him because of this side of him. In our case, parenthood made our relationship..... of course, we still have the terrible twos and plenty more obstacles ahead.

I guess what I am saying is, everyone has something that comes along that changes the way you may see your significant other. Could be either good or bad. From experience and being an observer it seems parenthood is quite often that "something" that instigates that change. There are so many strong emotions associated with parenting, how could it not?

But as I watch my husband read my son Five Little Monkey's for the millionth time even though he's had a hard day at work I realize that this teeny tiny terrorist managed to heal our emotional past and has made me love Jimmy even more than I thought possible. So far, parenthood suites us. And if there ever comes a day that it doesn't....

Well, I have plenty of couches. ;D