Thursday, December 27, 2012

Time For Change

I've been thinking about this little space a lot lately. Actually, it seems that bloggers reevaluating their blogs has become a "thing" recently. Have you noticed? Seems we are all currently on the same page. For me, things really have become clear since I was sick for over a month and then thoughts erupted when the shootings in Newtown blew my head apart.

The thing is, I love this blog. I love all the blogs I have had.... and I have had plenty over the last 10 years (oy! that makes me feel old) and every single one served it's purpose. Sometimes a good hobby, sometimes therapy, and other times an outlet for my thoughts. This particular blog has become my final resting place (I hope). Nonsense Things allows me to purge all the things in my head, talk about my kid, crafts, or the looniness that is The Cuddler. I can do it all here and I am not restricted in any way.

But lately I haven't been "feeling" it and I can immediately pinpoint the reason.

It's become a job.

Not one that brings me any cash either. I have done sponsored blogs in the past and while the money was nice I prefer for this space to be about me. What's in my head. I wanted it to be about the writing. I never intended this blog to be anything other than that no matter how big it grew or how little it remained.

I hold nothing against blogs that take on sponsors. In fact, I applaud them for turning something they love into a business. I actually sponsor a few occasionally. Not only to gain readership but also to support the blogs I love when the cash flow around here allows me to. I've even been toying with the idea of opening an online store next year and will use my blog itself as creative inspiration. It's just that sponsoring wasn't for me and with caring for my son I find it hard to give sponsors the attention they deserve when they pay for ad space on my blog.

I wanted to write not work.

But somewhere along the way that ended up happening anyway. As readership grew (I know, it's 140 followers not a million....but still) I felt obligated to entertain. Blogging became more about keeping my readers happy than it was about being true to myself.

I feel pressure not only to post 5-6 times a week but also about the content of the posts themselves. I wanted to keep everyone happy and in doing so I lost a little of my voice. I worried about posts in regards to my beliefs because I didn't want to offend anyone. I worried about my language because although I have a strong faith in God, I tend to cuss like scurvy pirate. I had strong feelings about Newtown last week that I would have loved to get out in writing but I didn't want to upset anyone with my viewpoint!

So now blogging isn't my favorite anymore. But I still love it so things need to change.

After getting sick and Newtown, I realized this blog can't be at the top of my priority list. I need to take my feet out of this online community (as much as I love it) and live a REAL life. I do my best to only blog when Raine sleeps but when I feel pressure to post so often things don't always happen that way.

Listen, there was a moment during that whole UTI debacle where we worried that things were much more serious than a simple UTI. I know I am a hypochondriac but I'll tell ya, I honestly thought I was going to die for a week or so there. It made me realize what was important (as dramatic as that sounds) and that I need to balance things better. More time for what is important. Like this face right here...

So while I still intend on posting frequently, if I miss a few days here and there it's because I'm kissing those cheeks and living my life. Besides, I gotta find blogging material, don't I?

Which brings me to my next gripe. Content. There has been way too many filler posts around here. Too many link ups and lazy posts. There is nothing wrong with them but this is the first time in months I have actually written a real post with something to say. I've read it on other blogs recently, it's called slow blogging. Basically, I begin to write POSTS again. Probably not every day but the content will be more geared towards what this blog first started out with. I will still be posting picture posts and random conversations with my doofy husband too.

But overall the goal here is quality over quantity.....

let's face it, posting every. single. day. burns ya out. Over time you just run out of shit to say.

I don't want that to happen.... ever.

In conclusion, you may be seeing some of these changes around here. I hope you stick around regardless of my occasional cuss words or mentions of God.... I hope you can look past my husbands terrible humor. I know I know, it's pretty damn difficult.

But If not, well then I bid thee farewell

Jerk ;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Every year I do a little photo tradition with Raine and James standing next to our tree.....

It makes me mist up a little to see how big my little man is getting. Soon he'll be holding his father *pout*

 The Cuddler says "hey"

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Instagram Lovins

This week has been a happy one around here. Full of Christmas lights, movies, parties, and snuggles by the tree. Our Christmas Eve looks to be a quiet one with a lot of the same and I can't complain. It's exactly as it should be :)

We have been moving things up to the new house slowly. A box here or there if we happen to be up in the area. We aren't officially moving till after the holidays but I'm convinced it will be the easiest move we have ever made. I'm anxious to be all settled in but at the same time it's nice not to feel rushed and do things little by little. Again, no complaints.

I think we have finally decided on the Santa situation up in here too. Raine surprised me this year by being way more inquisitive about the big man than I expected. I thought I had another year to decide if we would "play Santa" or not. No such luck!

But Jimmy, in all his wisdom, made the final decision. We will play the magic initially but the first time Raine asks out right, whether its next year or next week, we will be honest. Jimmy will explain the meaning of Christmas, who Santa really was, and why we celebrate this holiday to begin with. He's already picking up things at church too but right now I think he thinks Jesus and Santa are one in the same.... Which is cute in itself ;)

1} Raine inspect the tree for the millionth time most likely plotting its destruction...
2} The stuntman acts have been increasing around here making mommy a nervous wreck. It's funny, I was a dare devil as a kid and now I understand why my mom was always freaking out. Sorry mom!
3} I just thank God for this little miracle every single day. Even if he ends up being my only child, he is my little blessing.
4} He really loves church. Like, REALLY loves it. I hope it stays this way ;)
5} Raine spent an entire day wearing this Halloween bucket on his head demanding I take pictures "cheese!"
6} Christmas happiness :)

Merry Christmas Eve, Homies! 

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Well, now the world WILL likely end today..

Why? Because we are officially home owners........ again!!

The closing was today and everything is all official and stuff. Us poor kids (that would be James and I)  feel all grown up now that we worked our tails off and officially own two homes. Now the fun part can begin.... paying two mortgages *sigh*

But seeing as we still have 9 1/2 hours for the world to end (my time) according to the mayans..... and with our luck.... Maybe we'll wait to start moving stuff till tomorrow at least.

Just to be sure and all ;)

Happy Friday, Home Slices!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

{Note: This post was set to go live last Friday but with the events that took place I felt it was inappropriate to share it. In fact, it still feels "off" ........ just unfair to me. To just move on with life after this tragedy. But we must, I suppose. So here it is.} 

As I said earlier in the week, with my health looking up we got ourselves into the Christmas spirit and decorated up this joint. Of course I took pictures!

Please forgive me..... things probably look quite similar to last year seeing as it's the same decorations and what not. The boy looks different.... that's what matters ;)

Also, yes Raine has a binky in his mouth in some photos and yes it's pink. Honey badger don't care. it seems. The binky will go after the stress of a possible home move is over.... as well as those lovely curls *pout* too many people have been calling my son "she" so I guess it's finally time. These may be the last pictures of those curls..... okay, maybe after Christmas. It can wait till then, right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I is a new monthly link up hosted by these five awesome ladies...

Danielle @ Framed Frosting

So what's the deal? Answer five random (we know I love random) questions about yourself and link up. Why? To get to know each other better, of course! Visit Breanna to learn more :)

 This months questions....

What was your favorite gift given to you as a child?
Honestly.... I can't remember any specific gifts growing up that left a major impression on me. I remember spending time with my mom and brother. I remember giggling at them when they would argue over assembling some gift or another. I still look forward to their playful bickering every Christmas morning. I remember just enjoying my family every year. Those memories are the best gift, I think. And I'm thankful that I get to make them with my son now too. I hope when he grows up he'll remember these memories fondly and not just the gifts he received.

Christmas is almost here, what is that one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?
I love Whitney Houston's rendition of O Holy Night.

I've also been listening to this video on repeat, lately. It turns me into a big mushy person.

What are a few of the items on your Christmas list this year?
You know, my mother has been on my back like nobody's business to make a Christmas list.... I'm 30, for pete's sake but that doesn't seem to matter. I'm still the little picky girl that needs to make a Christmas list for my mom ;) and I tried.... Hard! But there is nothing that I need or would love to have. At the risk of sounding cheesy.... I HAVE everything I could possibly want. I may not have much but I feel blessed for what I do have. 

Maybe a little brother for Raine? But my mom can't get me that ;D

Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions? Explain.
Nothing fancy but I am always looking to establish new traditions for my son. 

Last year we began having a small Christmas eve party for my mom and my husband's family so Raine can see both his grandmothers. We'll do that again this year probably. 

I also always love to curl up and watch Mickey's Christmas Carol and Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas eve. That's a must. 

Which do you prefer: wrapping paper or gift bags? Why?
Doesn't make a difference to me. I am terrible at wrapping so probably gift bags? But gift wrapping is my husbands task every year... He's so much better at it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012


I had a post all ready and scheduled to go up today. A happy post. Pictures of my little family putting up the tree, of smiles, of joy. But that doesn't seem appropriate today.

Not today. 

Today my home state of Connecticut, the whole country really, has been shaken to the core by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. It doesn't seem fair to post such happy things in the face of such loss. 

Instead I hold my son tight and I pray. I'm not sure if I will ever stop praying for these people affected by this. 

I think what makes this even heavier, as if that were even possible, is that we feel safe here in Connecticut. Many residents of these small towns like mine.... well, it just feels safe. This tragedy really drives home the fact that it can happen anywhere.

Horrible things can happen anywhere and to anyone

So hug your loved ones tight today.... every day. Appreciate your time with them. 

I refuse to lose faith in God and even in humanity in general. 

And I will pray. 

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(note: I apologize if this post is jumbled or confusing. I am literally in shock and haven't quit sobbing yet today. For those wondering, our family is thankfully safe and sound)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Conversations With The Cuddler

{Conversations with The Cuddler posts are excerpts of conversations with my husband, James. It's a peek at the hilarious, sometimes bazaar, always nonsensical topics that come up around here. In short, my husband just says the darndest things.} 

While watching law and order...

James: I think I'm gonna start my own show. Law & Order: Criminal Negligence.
Me: *giggles*
.....and because he has to go just one step further:
James: or how about Law & Order: Ordinary Victims Unit?

Then he spent the rest of the night researching for his first episode. I'm not sure if this is funny material or just plain old disturbing. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Instagram Lovins

The last few days have been amazing . Life changing even. I'm not entirely sure I can put it all into words properly. That I could even do it justice or explain the changes in my heart.

Suffice it to say, I have felt a heaviness in my heart for a long time. I've been happy. I have everything I could want, not that I want for much but something was missing. Recently I have realized that "something" was God.

I don't talk about my beliefs much around these parts. In fact, I don't really talk about them at all. To me, my relationship with God is private and I feel humble. But lately that relationship has been non existent due to my own actions and I feel that as a result I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression, and now maybe this explains why I have even taken to physical illness.

My spirit has been broken. It feels broken.

But I took action to rectify it this weekend. I had a spiritual talk with my mom and got my butt to church. I prayed relentlessly and I'm reestablishing this relationship slowly. Today I feel like a heavy weight has lifted and amazingly (I shouldn't even be surprised) my uti/bladder issues seem to be well on the mend. I think it's for real this time too. I feel better both physically and spiritually.

I still have a road to walk but finally there is light on the horizon.

Sorry to if that's a little deep for a Monday for ya. ;) how about some instagram love? 

1} he just climbs up into our bed after his bath and makes himself comfortable.... As if he owns the place or something.
2} These feets may not be so tiny anymore but I still loves them :)
3} Suddenly he was compelled to empty this basket and hang out inside of it all day.
4} His first time meeting Santa was not exactly perfect... there was frantic searching for his father and then an accusatory looks of "How the lump could you people do that to me?!" all day.
5} Along with feeling better this week we finally got to decorating!
6} At first Raine was a little uncertain about this bear (who reads The Night Before Christmas when you press his hand) but now it's his bestest pal. Gives mommy a break from reading all day ;)

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buddha was a clever guy

Image via

I'm still on that health/weight loss mission and I said I was going to start weighing in monthly rather than weekly so here goes....

Last weigh in: 135 lbs
This weigh in: 129 lbs
Weight loss this month: 6 lbs 
Total weight loss: 15 lbs (according to my Lose-It app)

And I didn't have to work out a single day! 

That's sarcasm, guys. This weight was not lost the healthy way and for that I am left feeling less than victorious. Let's be honest, my health has been terrible this last month and I think I actually lost more than 6 lbs because before these wretched infections hit me I think I actually put on a couple more pounds. At  least, that's what my jeans were saying when I just couldn't squeeze in them anymore. 

And they still don't fit but for obvious other reasons. They are way too big! I'm having trouble looking in the mirror because my reflection is alien to me. I look so gaunt and well.... sick. But I just have no appetite. I try to eat and Jimmy has even tried enticing me with my favorite things but the pain I've been in has taken all of my focus and the thought of eating makes me gag. If I start to eat regardless I actually get sick. 

But things seem to be taking a turn (dear God, I pray publicly that it is so) for the better. My tests have shown that I am officially free and clear of that horrible UTI but I did get another infection on top of it.... which led to yet another infection. We are now treating this third infection in hopes that we have it under control. I am just praying with every part of my being that when the antibiotics stop that I am finally healthy. 

Everyone keeps asking what I want for Christmas.... just this. My health. I want my body back. And I will never ever take it for granted again. 

After almost four weeks of this, it's been very hard for me to believe that the end is in sight. Every time I have a good day that makes me think it's over I have three horrible ones that make me feel like death. With this new infection I made the mistake of googling and reading how reoccurrence is possible followed by a million posts of people's bad experiences. Jimmy says my belief that I will never be cured of this wretched infection is a heuristic irrationality based on google's search only producing people's horror stories. 

In other words, google is the devil.

And that anxiety issue I was having that I told you about last week? Turns out that was a side effect of the very strong antibiotic I was originally on for the UTI. Yeah, that should probably be a little bolder on the warning label. It seems to be passing now though. Obviously my health itself has been enough to cause some major anxiety but now that the effects of the antibiotic are fading I feel like I have a lot more control of my mind and any natural anxiety that comes from all of this. 

My fingers and toes are crossed for a healthier month. I'd like to actually think and write about something other than evil infections again too. 

I mean, aren't you tired of hearing about it?!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wake up, Lady.

This will be Raine and I soon if I keep this up...

I am completely tapped out. I have been staring at this screen for nearly thirty minutes and have had ZERO inspiration. The same can be said for everything else in my life at the moment. I seem to be just going through the motions all zombified just trying to get through each day.

Jimmy has been a saint.... how many times will I call him that? He really is though. He picks up the slack with zero complaint and sort of just pushes my zombie self along to make sure life keeps moving. It's not that I am depressed or anything. I'm just.... absent at the moment. Kind of numb and super tired. I want to shake myself free from it but that only seems to make things worse so I think I have to just sail with it.

The numbness.

The void.

You know what it may be? Since getting sick I have done nothing but lay on the couch and watch episode after episode of Criminal Minds. I bet that's it! I'm totally stuck in an information overload state!  That show will really get the wheels turning. Jimmy actually stays awake when we watch it so really, we have to keep watching it so our quality time doesn't end prematurely with him passing out on the couch. Maybe just 1-2 episodes a day from now on...

Maybe I am over sleeping. That's a thing, right? Makes you all snoozy and zonked out? Perhaps.

I don't know. Whatever it is, I am ready to "wake up" now.

Image via

Monday, December 3, 2012

Instagram Lovins

Not much to report over this last week. Still trying to relax and heal so things have been on the slow side. We had the inspection done on the new house and everything looks good so things in that department are moving smoothly thankfully. Raine got a chance to check out the new place during the inspection and I think he's going to love all the space. We are sort of crammed right now so he could definitely feel the difference. He was running around like a maniac. I think him and the dog are going to be in heaven after the holidays. 

1} Testing out the seating comfort of the stairs in the new house.
2} Tired little man loves the big sectional sofa.
3} Apple cider vinegar and ice water. It tastes awful but I think it's helping my body get better..... I hope!

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