Monday, February 25, 2013

I'll take that bet...

So, I guess you could say I have been suckered in. I had started working out again after a few months off because of various health issues. I went back to the 90 minute elliptical routine that has been my fall back the last year but this time around I wasn't feeling it at all. I thought that because I had taken a few months off that I would have to sort of rebuild my endurance but I was mistaken. It's like I never quit working out. I hit the max level on the elliptical and am finding it hard to even break a sweat.

No challenge = No fun working out.

I resorted to a little social media whining over this and a few bloggy friends suggested I try Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred.

Now, I have often said I would give it a shot but honestly, I didn't think much of it. I may not be the tiniest thing but I am no stranger to physical fitness. My resting heart rate is at 55 bpm for pete's sake..... not that it means anything overall but it's a good indicator of my fitness level. I honestly didn't believe that Jillian could help me in any way.

But I have the dvd so I decided to give it a little trial run last week.... and I hate to say it, but I think I am right. Jillian is really going to have to step it up a notch to provide me a decent work out in 20 measly minutes a day... I was doing 90 minutes of cardio per day, don't forget! Admittedly, I was pretty dang sore for a few days afterwards but that was to be expected seeing as I have been geared towards 100% cardio and very little strength training if at all.

Based off the workout itself though I still don't believe it will provide me the results that are suggested. Of course, so many people are telling me I am wrong.....

So, I am going to do it. The whole 30 days. I will do no other workouts and make this program my only fitness regime. Just to give it a boost I will also be cutting out any alcohol, sweets, and any sort of take out food. I need to do that anyway as this month hasn't been ideal in the junk food department. Moving has been sort of horrendous on our diet. I see no need to follow Jillian's "diet" as mine is typically 75% vegetables anyway.... well, when you don't include those pizza nights ;)

Do I think I will see results? No. Nothing spectacular. I watched all the youtube before and after videos and all the photos that google search has provided and while some of them are pretty amazing (assuming they aren't photoshopped) I couldn't really find any before and afters from someone who works out the way I do. But hey, if I am wrong then I certainly won't complain.

I took before pictures last night which I may post when this is all over. I said I was a workout junkie... I never said I was a tiny one ;) I took my measurements and my weight. I guess I will report back here in 30 days!

Too bad no one offered me actual money in this bet....


  1. I'm thinking to myself... "Self, you should be as obsessed as Traci..."... then I remember I don't have as much to live for... :)

  2. Check out Wonder Forest's blog! She just posted her before and after results with pictures from several days and you can definitely see the difference!


    1. I saw this morning! Awesome, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised after all! :)

  3. ahhhh I have a before picture too I hope to post when it's all said and done!!

    goood lucky lady! you can do it:):)

  4. I so want to try this! Looking forward to your results!!!