Monday, March 4, 2013

And so home with us, he stays.

A couple people have asked how things are going with Michigan after I had wrote this post and this one about a month and a half ago. So how about a little update, shall we?

After many tears between Jimmy and I and the inability to make a final decision on whether or not we would be able to keep Mich we finally decided to give it another month to see if things would settle in and settle down after moving and everything else that has been going on around here lately. For whatever reason, this move has been the most stressful I have ever experienced to date.... and I have moved a lot. Always within the same town and this time was no different so I really can't explain why this time around has been so chaotic.

Moving itself was easy and swift. We had all our belongings moved from the old place to the new within a few hours and I was pretty much unpacked by the end of the weekend. The adjustment to the new house though has just been a bit much for us. You would think that us small time, former poor kids would be ecstatic to move into a much bigger place in a well off neighborhood but sadly, it's been the opposite. There have been nights where all we want to do is pack up and move back home to the "ghetto" (I use that term loosely as I'm not being literal but in my town, that's pretty much what my old neighborhood is considered) and obviously we can't do that.

Things have gotten better and routines are finally being established but still, there is a strong sense that this isn't where we are supposed to be. That unsettled feeling has definitely had a big effect on our pets. Especially Michigan. Okay, maybe not all the pets.... the cats really couldn't give a rat's ass. Except my fat cat. She's pretty pissed that she has to navigate all these stairs.

I may have to get her an inhaler.

Do they make 30 Day Shred for obese felines?

Michigan's confusion over pack order seems to have settled down a bit though. Rather than try to boss over Raine he is actually listening to some small commands Raine gives him. I was blown away last week when Raine asked Michigan to "sit" and Michigan obliged.

Food is still a problem (it never was until we moved) so I find it best if everyone is separate while eating. Thankfully Michigan doesn't give a damn if Raine is feisty and playing in his dog bowl. It's just people meal time that gets a little shovey. No growls or biting just a lot of shoving that I am in no mood to tolerate. It's odd to me that this would suddenly develop into an issue though as Michigan is generally not allowed people food and was never known to be a beggar. Maybe it's because the house provides a bigger space for Michigan to romp around and so he does so. Which annoys us when we are in one room together. So I just find it easier to separate him till meals are finished.

He still seems a little antsy at times and will bark out the front windows at the slightest movement or noise. Honestly, as long as it's not a nervous thing that affects his health, I don't mind that he does this. I feel a little more protected knowing that he will alert us to any odd movement or anything suspicious. It may be annoying when it's the mailman and Raine is napping but otherwise I'd rather he act protective than not. It could possibly save our lives some day.

We think things have died down enough though that we can say the best place for him is still here with us. Even if we moved him to stay with a friend I think it would just make his new behaviors worse from moving again and being away from his "pack". I don't worry that he is a danger to Raine and I am not sure I ever actually did but things just got so overwhelming there for a bit that I am not even sure where my head was at. Let alone the dog's.

This morning was actually closer to the "normal" chaos that was life back at the old place. Raine was eating orange slices. Michigan stole one which sent Raine into a fury of tears screaming "Bad doggy! Bad Mich Mich!!" (and I swear if that dog could laugh he would have) which got the bird all fired up and squawking for a good 20 minutes..... it was officially insane.

Just as it used to be.

Maybe in another month it will all settle back into the way it was.

And I want to add another baby to all of this?

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  1. Yay for another baby!!! :) Insanity happens lots over here too :)