Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm an optimistic pessimist

Because taking creepy selfies with a lot of weirdness in the background is totally cool, right?

Contrary to popular belief (and all the "let love win" posts I've been posting here lately) I am considered somewhat of a pessimist amongst my peers. I like to think I am more of realist but hey..... Tomato, tomahto. 

I try real hard, especially lately, to not be so much of a negative nancy but it's kind of just part of my nature. I'm no stranger to cynicism and I'm always pointing out the negative reality of the situation. This doesn't always fly well with my peeps, as one would imagine. 

Most times my friends will come to me for encouragement or the proverbial pat on the back which I can't always provide because I know that what they just spouted off at the mouth to me about was a terribly bad idea or that their idea may not work out. And as is the case with most word vomit, I can't seem to stop myself from pointing out just how bad something can turn out to be or just how crazy I think my best friend's idea of sticking her cat in the dryer after its bath really is. 

Peeps just don't like that shiz. Not all the time anyway. But like I said, I'm a realist. Always on the hunt to be realistic probably in some crazy attempt at avoiding disappointment in my own life. And while my "realistic assessment" may not always be accurate, I'd feel like a terrible friend/family member if I weren't honest with my thoughts. I don't think I am doing you any favors if I tell you that those moon boots look amazing with your wedding dress. I'm nearly 97% positive you will regret that style choice. I mean, c'mon! 

If I tell you what you wanted to hear all the time instead of what I thought or what has been my experience, what kind of friend does that make me? The lying kind. Der. If you want someone to tell you what's on your mind all the time then hire an assistant or a butler or something. *Alfred* Don't wake me up from the amazing nap I was having if all you want is for me to say "go you" when clearly you have lost a good portion of your common sense.

But the last few months I have been trying to look at the bright side of things. I'm still a realist but I try to gear those thoughts to the more positive "outside of the box" mindset. A little less grumpy old cynic, if you will. Like, instead of assuming that my usually moochy, always looking for a hand out-friend is only calling me to "borrow" some money I try to remember said friend just so happens to be going through a hard time right now and may just be calling me for a shoulder to lean on. 

Turns out they wanted money. 

But that's besides the point. Here's the funny thing, people get just as irritated with me for looking at the positive! Sometimes misery just loves it some major company I guess and me pointing out the good and being a little more cheery as a result doesn't fly well in the sight of all that. 

I can't win. 

But it's been beneficial (for me at least) to look at both sides of any given coin. I'm much happier for it and I suppose there is a time for both outlooks. A healthy balance and all that.

I'm not entirely sure where I am going with this and I am sort of talking about two totally separate things here. 1. My general pessimistic attitude and 2. Honesty with my homies. And I'm not entirely sure how the two relate to each other. Other than that they make my relationships really freaking complicated. 

I guess I worry that my buds think I'm being purposefully argumentative out of some sick desire to what? I don't know. But it's totally not the case. I'm just telling you how I see it. And if you're coming to me for advice or to discuss shiz than well, I gotta say SOMETHING, no? I just prefer to be truthful. I would expect the truth from you! Lately it doesn't seem to matter what type of truth that is, whether its optimistic or pessimistic... Sometimes the answer to some is to simply be agreeable. 

But I am not agreeable. I suppose that means I am argumentative. A pessimistic, negative, argumentative, cynic who is trying to be an optimistic, positive, cheery, always looking on the bright side of shiz-type person. 

People don't make this identity crisis any easier. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'll take that bet...

So, I guess you could say I have been suckered in. I had started working out again after a few months off because of various health issues. I went back to the 90 minute elliptical routine that has been my fall back the last year but this time around I wasn't feeling it at all. I thought that because I had taken a few months off that I would have to sort of rebuild my endurance but I was mistaken. It's like I never quit working out. I hit the max level on the elliptical and am finding it hard to even break a sweat.

No challenge = No fun working out.

I resorted to a little social media whining over this and a few bloggy friends suggested I try Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred.

Now, I have often said I would give it a shot but honestly, I didn't think much of it. I may not be the tiniest thing but I am no stranger to physical fitness. My resting heart rate is at 55 bpm for pete's sake..... not that it means anything overall but it's a good indicator of my fitness level. I honestly didn't believe that Jillian could help me in any way.

But I have the dvd so I decided to give it a little trial run last week.... and I hate to say it, but I think I am right. Jillian is really going to have to step it up a notch to provide me a decent work out in 20 measly minutes a day... I was doing 90 minutes of cardio per day, don't forget! Admittedly, I was pretty dang sore for a few days afterwards but that was to be expected seeing as I have been geared towards 100% cardio and very little strength training if at all.

Based off the workout itself though I still don't believe it will provide me the results that are suggested. Of course, so many people are telling me I am wrong.....

So, I am going to do it. The whole 30 days. I will do no other workouts and make this program my only fitness regime. Just to give it a boost I will also be cutting out any alcohol, sweets, and any sort of take out food. I need to do that anyway as this month hasn't been ideal in the junk food department. Moving has been sort of horrendous on our diet. I see no need to follow Jillian's "diet" as mine is typically 75% vegetables anyway.... well, when you don't include those pizza nights ;)

Do I think I will see results? No. Nothing spectacular. I watched all the youtube before and after videos and all the photos that google search has provided and while some of them are pretty amazing (assuming they aren't photoshopped) I couldn't really find any before and afters from someone who works out the way I do. But hey, if I am wrong then I certainly won't complain.

I took before pictures last night which I may post when this is all over. I said I was a workout junkie... I never said I was a tiny one ;) I took my measurements and my weight. I guess I will report back here in 30 days!

Too bad no one offered me actual money in this bet....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Instagram Lovins

I have a very busy weekend coming up. Birthday parties, church functions, visits with Memah..... I'm not even sure I like busy weekends at the moment. I am way too lazy for all that jazz. Just sayin.

Regardless of how busy it seems I am, life has been a little boring lately. I have nothing of any sort of significant excitement to report to you, homies. Oh! I did get my haircut.... is that exciting? We shall see. This is what life has been like.... instagram style, of course.

1} The fog gets pretty crazy up on this hill we moved to. Kind of scary actually. It's nearly impossible to even walk in let alone drive in. It's like I'm stuck in a game of silent hill..... no. 
2} One of the other decals in Raine's old Nightmare Before Christmas nursery right before we took it down. It's still breaking my heart!
3} I had my eye on these sheets at Target since Christmas but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Scored them for $7 on clearance though! Bam!
4} New washer and dryer...... need I say more? Hated spending the money but didn't want to hit the laundromat either. I justify the expense by saying it's what we would have spent there this year anyway...
5} Thinking it's time for another drastic change. 
6} But every time I say it's time to cut my hair, it decides to look good. C'mon, really?
7} He went missing for 3 seconds and this is where I found him. Yet another indication that he's ready to use the potty but I have still been holding back. I know, I need to suck it up. 
8} Caught him on the couch like this and all I saw was a 16 year old Raine. Noooo!!!!
9} My new favorite oatmeal :D

And like I said earlier..... I did actually get it cut........

Do you like it? Raine apparently does. I love it! I don't think I'll ever go long again, actually. I was joking with my friend/hairdresser that the only way to go extreme now is to shave one side off or something..... but I love it for now! Jimmy says it's "sexy" which was a tad concerning when a friend remarked that it's because it's now short like a guy's...... hmmm...

Also, Like that little flower hair clip I am rocking? Check out Kristine's shop J&M's Eye Candy. I got a ton of hair pretties from her shop that I can't wait to rock with my new hairdo.

Do you instagram? Follow me: mrs_aerykssen

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love is....

Kristine over at The Foley Fam is hosting this Love is {fill in the blank} link up and although I tend to stray away from link ups (well, not ALL of them but I worry I do too many sometimes) I knew that I had to join in on this one because 1) I love Kristine and her blog and 2) Love is kind of entertaining around these parts. 

So here we go.

Love is
When your husband is giving you the best back massage in the world and stops right in the middle of it, gets up, squats on your head, and farts on you.
Seriously happened.
Last week.
I figure you really gotta love someone to be comfortable acting like a crazy fool.

Love is
Leaving the last bit of any food for James because I know he wants it. Whether it's the last cupcake, piece of chicken, green bean.... it doesn't matter. I know he wants that shit and even though I am crazy selfish when it comes to food I give it up to the gluttonous fool I married every time. Funny thing is, I think he does it to me too so a lot of times there is an argument anyway. Me trying to convince him he can have it and him trying to convince me that I can.
There have been plenty of angry words over the last broccoli, just so you know.

Love is 
Those tiny arms around my neck and those big arms around my waist :)

Love is
When Jimmy, who has IBS, holds it because I have to pee. Was that TMI?

Oops... sorry ;)

He's probably stoked that we have 3 bathrooms now though, right?

Love is
When Jimmy plays off my hypochondria to actually get me to stop having a hypochondriac fit. Like the time(s) I insisted I had a brain tumor he would tell me all the horrible things that would begin to  happen to me if I had one and while this should probably terrify me more, this scare tactic actually has the opposite effect. By proving that I don't have the symptoms he stops me from actually manifesting the symptoms mentally before I even begin my little hypochondriac roller coaster ride. Do you realize the research he needs to put in to all these diseases because of this? Talk about dedication! If that's not love....

Love is
Jimmy singing one of our songs at karaoke {Whitesnake Is This Love?} anytime I ask even though he hates singing it because it's "repetitive".

He likes the song FYI. Just hates singing it.

Love is
Jimmy getting up with me at night with Raine EVERY TIME. Raine sleeps through the night now and has been for quite some time but when he was a newborn and during that horrendous four month sleep regression, Jimmy got up and helped me feed Raine every single time and still does for every nightmare or midnight fever regardless that I am now a stay at home mom and he works all day. And I was exclusively breastfeeding! No bottles whatsoever so really no need for him to get up yet he still did. That's major love for us I think :)

Love is
Sleeping without the fan on and suffering from mild insomnia as a result because it makes Jimmy cold. It may sound trivial but I like, need that thing to sleep. It's been that way all my life. But I love my man and don't want him shivering like a nervous chihuahua all night so I deal with the sleep issues and sometimes just pop some tylenol PM instead.

Love is
Letting Raine watch The Lorax a million times a day just to hear "Mommy, the trees! the trees!"

Love is 
Ignoring the fact that he refuses to put the paper towel holder or the dog cookie jar back when he's done using it. I may need to be medicated from the stress it provides my obsessive compulsive nature but I bite my tongue regardless.

Love is
Being totally content in a relationship without fear or jealousy. Before James, I had never felt like that before. Now, the thought never even enters my mind "what if we don't work out?" because that simply isn't a possibility. He'd have to kill me..... don't get any ideas, hunny.

Love is
Jimmy taking me to Target when I am blue to cheer me up even though he knows it probably means spending a little bit of money. ;)

Love is
Letting James buy $80 video games occasionally even though I know he'll either beat it in a day or get tired of it in a few hours..... he's not a "gamer" so I'm not entirely sure where this compulsion even comes from.

Love is
Watching James with our son. Watching them two interact makes me fall in love them more every single minute.

Love is
James driving extra slow and careful so I am not as afraid in the car.

Love is
Hearing your kid tell you he loves you and then having him beg for kisses and hugs all day and stopping whatever you're doing to fill those numerous requests every time.

Love is
Wanting him near me all the time. Still getting butterflies even after 6 years when he comes home from a long day. Feeling my heart jump when he reaches to hold my hand or rub my leg in the car. The way my head fits into his chest.

Love is 
The promise of loving each other when we are grumpy, bickering old fogies who still suffer from insomnia so the other isn't cold or sing Whitesnake just to make the other smile.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air

So I know things have been a little heavy around here this week. And I know today is Valentine's Day and I should go on about how much I love The Cuddler and what an amazing valentine he is but I am not going to do that. It's not like I have anything grand to report anyway. 1) You all probably already know I love the cheese out of that man 2) We don't even really celebrate this day because to us, every day is Valentine's day (shut your soppy mouth, Traci!) and there isn't many special things we could hold off for today that we don't already do for each other every day and 3) I doubt you guys really want to read another tired ass ode to Valentine's Day blog post.

So, instead of going on about the man I love I thought it would be kind of cool to go on about the things I love. Or have been loving anyway. I know I know, I say it all the time that material possessions don't hold much meaning to us in this house but they can, on occasion, make life easier so I don't want to hold this all in for myself! I want to share the wealth, the awesomeness of these things I have discovered.

First up is my new Hoover Stick Vac. Yes, I know, it's just a silly stick vac but I love this thing, guys. It's made spot cleaning this much bigger house so much easier on me. The suction on this thing isn't too shabby either and that's coming from a Dyson fanatic. It's corded and while that may annoy some people I actually like it because I loathe when the batteries die on those battery powered ones right before I am half way through using it. It's super light weight, has a brush roll and the dust cup is so simple to clean and empty. Honestly, if I still had the apartment this thing could easily replace my Dyson. It has settings for different floor types and does more than decent on carpets. The only thing this little sucker (haha) is missing is a hose attachment but what stick vac has one of those any dang way?!

Next up, My dishwasher. Laugh all you want but I have never had one till now and I will never go back, people. Never!! I strongly suggest getting one if you don't have one. Put it on your front porch if you have to. Can't afford it? Bag up your dishes and head on over to that friend's house that does have one. Tell them it's only fair to share the wealth. Seriously.
My Oreck Steam-It steam mop is the I could write an entire post about this thing alone and still have tons of amazing things left over to say about it. Guys, I have tried every. single. steam. mop. on. the. market. And while I have had moments where I was impressed, I still always went back to the trusty old regular mop and Pine Sol for those hard to clean spots and messes. And while all those other steam mops boast having the ability to clean other surfaces, they never really could go beyond semi cleaning my floors. I didn't think this one would be any different but I was so so wrong! This thing took dirt out of my floor that hand scrubbing couldn't even remove. It has an adjustable steam setting and the strongest setting really kicks ass. The low setting does a super amazing job at dusting my brand new wood floors as well. And let me just say.... if you have icky dirty grout then you NEED this thing. 

(The difference in my old bathroom floors is mind boggling!!... and kind of gross.) 

I tried everything known to man to try and clean that nasty grout. I mean everything. No scrubbing of any kind made a difference but this steamer with it's grout attachment did the trick in 5 minutes! In fact, be careful cause it even started to take up the grout a little ;) I'll probably use a lower setting next go round. 

Another bonus is that unlike most of the steam mops I have used, this one can be used upside down or above your head (that's upside down, yo) to steam dust those dirty ceiling fixtures or moldings. I have cleaned my stove with this thing (no chemicals, baby!) and the other day I cleaned my glass shower doors with it in under three damn minutes..... that's all sorts of awesome in my book. Those shower doors are not easy to clean at all. If you are looking for a steam mop or to replace your old junky one do yourself a favor and grab the Oreck. Just don't mistake it for the Oreck Grab It & Steam It. Totally not the same thing and that's what was originally sent to me due to a mix up at Oreck. If you are looking for a multi use steam cleaner then this one won't work for you. Make sure it's the Oreck Steam-It Wand

Just so you don't think that the only thing I love is cleaning supplies (but really, who doesn't? Whatever makes life easier!) I have been obsessed with Blowfish shoes. I recently just got these boots for my birthday...
And I love them! I love all of their shoes which is kind of unfortunate seeing as I don't ever go anywhere that requires wearing shoes. Being a stay at home mom with no license has it's downsides. One being that it seems I wear pajamas a lot more than regular clothing *pout* Just about everything they have suits my funky style though. I'll admit I am eyeing a few other pairs ;) *cough* hint hint James. 

I am so smitten with The Honest Company. Jessica Alba and her husband created this company to provide safe, eco-friendly, and affordable baby and home products. You can get anything from shampoo and laundry detergent to diapers and baby lotion and it's all eco-friendly and baby safe. I'm a cloth diapering mama but if I have to use disposables then I'm thinking about the planet! In which case I'm ordering some shiz from these guys. Plus Raine has eczema and when he has a flare up our whole lives get turned upside down. These products are safe for even his gentile skin. Besides.... how stylish are these diapers?

(Tiny skulls and anchors?! Of course I will!!!)

Last but not least.....Hoho's. I am obsessed with Crystal's creation: The Hoho. What are they?

Aren't they adorable?! and the meaning behind them.... just awesome. Crystal is also an amazing woman of God and doing His work so check out her blog Little Bit Funky and check out her instagram where she lists her ready to ship hoho's because these things are in demand and there is a waiting list for these perfectly awesome creations! Don't worry, they are still attainable.... I have four already. 

Jimmy wants to kill me ;)

As you can see, I have a lot of love going on around here. Jimmy loves these things too as they make me whine about cleaning less or brighten my day which makes me less inclined to verbally abuse him (I don't do that.... not ever!) so it's winning all around. Maybe they'll make your life a little easier or your day a little brighter too :)

Any products or companies you "love"? I'd love to hear about them! Or how you spent you Valentine's Day perhaps? :D

Happy Love Day, Homies!

note: I was not paid or asked to review any of these products or companies..... although I totally should have been seeing as I am awesome at reviewing shiz. Nonetheless, all opinions are my honest to goodness opinions. Even if I were to ever be paid to endorse *hint hint* you can expect nothing but honesty from this blog. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On my heart.

I don't have a source other than Facebook...

32 of my friends shared this photo on Facebook this morning (oh yes, I counted. I was bored while Raine ate breakfast) and its occurred to me that my son and future children will grow up seeing stuff like this every. single. day. Way more than I was subjected to growing up because let's face it, hateful meme's simply didn't have a place up in the awesome tree I was climbing.

Hateful you ask? Yes, this is hateful. While I may agree with the point of the meme itself the actual meaning of the whole thing is lost upon me when it involves judging and putting another person down.

You want to know what I think? No? Too bad, it's my blog ;)

I think that suggesting one person is better than another based on life choices and actions is exactly why our world is the way it is. We put every person we meet on a scale where we proceed to weigh and judge them and if they fall short of our supposed idea of perfection then they are trash.....useless.....human waste.

I thank God every day that he doesn't see us the way that we see each other.

He loves us. All of us. Whether we believe in him or not. Whether we are the worlds most perfect, kind, loving person or a heroin addicted junkie thief.

Not everyone is lovable. We all know that but it doesn't matter to God. I may lose some people over this but stick with me if you can..... He loves all of us. He loves Casey Anthony..... Whether you like it or not, he does. God loves my rapist.... That's heavy to accept even for me. Regardless of my forgiveness of that man (more on that another time) it's still pretty intense to rationalize. He loves Adam Lanza.... This one fact is probably the hardest to digest with the events at Sandy Hook still so fresh in our minds.

and he loves Whitney Houston.

It doesn't matter if you believe in Him or not.... In fact, lets for a second say he doesn't exist, there can be no harm in love. Everything that is wrong with this world can be traced back to one basic emotion...


Call me a hippie or a crazy Christian..... I don't care. It doesn't matter. What matters to me is that my kids be given a chance at a better world and at the rate we are going, that's not going to happen.

And I'm terrified.

I am terrified that my son will be exposed to passive hate like this so often that it will become second nature for him to judge and step on people. Just like it's second nature to us. Yes, even me too.... I'm just more aware of it.

If we keep exposing our children to things like this, what's stopping any one of our kids from becoming the next Adam Lanza? Has it ever occurred to you that your sweet and innocent child/niece or nephew/grandchild/sibling could grow up to think it's perfectly acceptable to perform these unspeakable acts? To hurt people?

But we are so quick to hate some more. To place full blame on an individual and not take at least some responsibility for the way the world has turned out.

Hate has a strong hold on us. Hate and madness hold the guns. It was hate that brought the towers down. It was hate that made me the awful person I used to be.

It was love that restored me....

Well, plus Jimmy's just funny. Laughs help too :)

I've seen love lift people out of an awful drug addiction. I've seen a kind hand help people out of the throes of mental illness. If we all chose to try love and kindness rather than judge, humiliate, bad mouth, and offend each other than I'd put money on the fact that we would see some awesome changes in the world around us.

I probably sound like a fanatic the last two days but these things are weighing heavily on me. I can't fathom why it's not as obvious to me and not everyone else. Maybe God has put it on my heart.

I know my friends saw something totally different when they were sharing this meme on their Facebook walls. I see the point. I do. But putting someone else down (who probably could have benefitted greatly from some love as well) isn't the best way to make that point.

We can do better. I know we can. Because what we are doing and have been doing isn't working anyway, right?

If not for us, then maybe for our sweet little ones.

"Because UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better.
It's not."

~ Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Appreciate Shiz...

The first of 30 inches of snow we managed to get over the weekend. 

For those of you who live in warmer climates or.... you know, not here (here being Connecticut) you may have missed the fact that we had an uber evil snowstorm hit us Friday into Saturday which dropped a whopping 30 inches of the white fluffy stuff in some places. My town of course was one of those places. 

I could tell you that it's been a nightmare and life sucks for us New Englanders right now but I honestly don't feel that way. Actually, I am sort of amazed at nature's awesomeness and just awestruck at the beauty of this world covered in white. I love living here and being able to experience all the seasons and changes. I always say that autumn is my favorite season of all but that's sort of a lie. My favorite season is usually the season we are currently in and as much as I am anticipating spring I am so enjoying our crazy winter weather right now. 

I love the stillness and silence in the midst of a big storm. I so badly wanted to bundle Raine up Friday night and just jump in. Build some snowmen and make a million snow angels to the soft hum of my neighbor's snowblower.... no seriously, that guy has the mildest sounding beast in the neighborhood. 

Anyway, Jimmy wasn't having it as Raine had just had a bath and his hair was wet. By the time I had argued that I could just blow dry the kid's hair (duh) I got myself all tired from debating my point and decided to just let Raine watch daddy shovel from the open front door and listened to him ooohhh and ahhh about "so much snow, mommy!".

He digs it as much as I do. 

Jimmy came in with icicles in his beard and mustache, by the way. Hilarious it was but it melted before I got a picture. 

Shovel that deck, baby!

Of course, anytime this weather comes along (especially if it's a bad storm) people tend to freak out around here. It's to be expected. I mean, it's not easy navigating your way to work with nearly 3 feet of snow piling up and you can bet your butt that you still have to go to work because your employer usually doesn't care that the governor has issued a road ban. Between bad driving conditions, shoveling till your back gives out and literally running out of places to put the stuff I can totally understand the frustration. I get it. I may not have to drive in it (and I'll be honest, this time around I didn't even have to shovel because someone didn't think two shovels for the house was even necessary) but my husband still has to drive. My family and friends need shoveling out and need to get places. I am in constant worry for my loved ones safety traveling in these conditions. 

We have gotten seriously spoiled though and the amount of complaining that takes place when a storm hits (big or small) is downright juvenile. Whining about the plow truck drivers and roads not being plowed promptly as if the drivers aren't people with families that worry for them too! Not getting our power turned back on in a reasonable time frame..... and apparently if it's not within five minutes then it's not reasonable enough, pissing and moaning about shoveling, and heaven forbid the kids end up with a snow day and you have to actually put up with them!

I've been known to make my complaints too so I am just as guilty as the next person but you know what? Once upon a time there were no plows and people had to dig each other out. They were courteous and kind to each other. People worked their tails off in all sorts of weather conditions. Our parents never fail to remind us that they walked to school in thunderstorms and snow pile ups. Dare I remind you that electricity actually didn't exist at one point in time and people still actually survived without it?! That's preposterous, right?!

We need to learn to appreciate our way of life. Instead we have become so caught up in it that we became spoiled rotten brats and when it's removed from us for even a second..... oy!

Pick up a shovel instead of bad mouthing the city workers for not cleaning up properly? The horror!

It's unfortunate. Especially when you realize that there are families who are actually burying loved ones  this week that they lost in this storm. 

That's right, people actually died while you complained that your back hurt and you can't make yourself a coffee or that the coffee shop closed for their employees safety. Others lost their homes because the snow was so heavy it caved their roofs in. More people are expected to lose their homes this week because the rains that have followed the storm are only going to make the snow heavier. 

Thankfully, while I witnessed all this complaining and bitterness I was also lucky to experience the better side of people too. When I opened my windows the following day of the storm I saw this....

What you are seeing is my neighbors banding together as a team to clear another neighbor's driveway. They then proceeded to clear all the neighborhood walkways, everyone else's driveways and in some cases even the roads that the plows had missed. 

My neighbors have restored my faith in humanity. They could have been outside ranting as bad as everyone else on my Facebook wall but instead they teamed up and got things done. Laughing, joking, and pounding each other on the back along the way. 

I joked with Jimmy that even if I am not 100% sold on this house, this neighborhood has definitely won me over.

I probably have to get James a snowblower now so he can fit in, huh?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Midday Ramble

I have nothing to write about. Literally nothing on my mind but I am in the mood to write so I am just going to roll with it okay? I hope you don't mind.

Oh, you do? How rude!

See? nothing. I am pulling quotes from Full House, for goodness sake. Which I just had to look up, by the way because I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the show that damn quote even came from. That's how sloshy my head is today.

I cried when Jimmy came home for lunch because I feel like such a space cadet. It's like I have been rolling around in a fog most of the day. Not a happy cloud 9 cloud. Fog. I said fog. Icky fog. Blah.

It's frustrating when you can't think. Maybe I am lacking some vitamin or something. It takes me damn near 20 minutes to have a conversation because I can't grasp any amount of focus at all.....

See there? I just lost it again.

I did my monthly weigh-in this morning. I'm still 129 lbs. I really honestly had felt that I had gained but apparently not. Yes, I want to gain. Just a little. I want proof that the damage that was done to my body a few months ago from that evil antibiotic is starting to heal. I have read it takes some people up to a year to feel totally normal but I have no time for that. That's like.... a whole year, ya know?

I think I am tired but I don't want to waste "me" time during Raine's nap with a nap for myself. He kept us up till midnight last night fighting sleep. He's not that kind of kid usually. He's a super sleeper.... if there were ever such a thing. But last night he kept acting scared of his room, then acting sick, and even just being weird but I caught on real quick that he was just playing games trying to get me to take him out of his room to play.

Smooth move, kid. But mommy's no slouch either.

So we had to cry it out a tad. Only lasted a few minutes before he gave up the charade and went to sleep though. Me on the other hand, midnight is way past my bed time. That could explain my mood and the fog today. I'm starting to question the idea of having another baby this year.....

Only a little though.

My friend, one of my bridesmaids, is about to pop any day now so I know the baby fever will be on blast as soon as that happens. My friends are killing my biological clock. Cut the crap, guys.

Oh crap, I have to pay off my Target card today *mental note* and I also have to quit going to target. I have officially been reeled in and my house looks like one of their catalogs. Not that it's a bad thing. I love Target.... obviously. But they are killing my bank account.

Ikea, why aren't you closer. At least consider better delivery options.


Isn't this nightstand badass? I don't even need a nightstand...

I just had to google whether nightstand was one word or two. The verdict is still out but I am going to go with the majority and say one.

Supposed to get an uber storm on friday. I couldn't tell you whether I am excited or pissed off about this. I'm thinking excited but I don't like the idea of being trapped away from my mommy. I have some serious mommy attachments, can't you tell? Over 12 inches of snow? Could make for some pretty awesome igloos. 

That's assuming that I don't have a cold brewing. My throat is kind of sore right now. It would explain the brain fog too is I was coming down sick. It's cool though. Good excuse to stay in bed all day. That and massive amounts of snow should just about cover it. 

Okay, I'm done now. I can't fight the nap much longer. 

Jammies.... where are my Jammies....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Currently and Instagram Lovins

The new house.... finally. Now that we have had some visitors and Raine has been able to play with his cousins and friends in this space I appreciate it so much more. It's nice to see them finally being able to run and jump and play. The space in the old place didn't make that even close to possible. Plus the unpacking is finally finished and I have some things up on the walls and all sorts of decorating ideas swimming through my head. I won't say it feels like home just yet but the memories are finally happening. It shouldn't be long now. 

Thinking about
Pinterest. No seriously. It's occurred to me that I pin like, a million things a week. Well, obviously that is an exaggeration but I pin a lot of cool things with the intention of doing them, cooking them, trying them with Raine but does that ever happen? Of course not. The act of pinning itself is a hobby.... but I think I want to get more intentional with it. These things that I am pinning are pretty freaking awesome (hence why I am pinning them in the first place) so I would like to actually try some. Maybe I'll set a goal to do one pin a month.... maybe I'll get motivated and try one a week. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though ;) 

Nothing much right now. My schedule looks pretty clear for the next few months so life looks to be smooth sailing for a bit. I do need to make a dentist appointment though...

Listening to
Nothing. Silence is bliss. Raine and James have been put down for their naps and I am enjoying some much needed quiet time. 

Working on
Many things. Too many things at once perhaps. I'm going to have to set myself straight with some to-do lists and a little organizing of my time. I'm itching for a blog makeover.... or maybe I love this one too much. I don't know! And I have been debating back and forth with myself about opening an etsy store/handmade shop. Either way, nothing is ever going to happen if I don't pull the thoughts out of my head and act on them.

Nothing! and this is terrible. I don't think I have read a book in about a year. That's just blasphemy.... I'm thinking it's time to set aside a little time per day for reading like, stat. 

Nothing good, I can tell you that much. Watched the Footloose remake a few nights ago and damn near killed myself from the torture of it all.

That Hulu Plus had Elementary. We shut off Direct TV and decided to just stream our shows and movies and it's been a great transition but I have to pay per episode for Elementary.... sort of stinks but I'm not going back to cable for one stinkin show either. No matter how good it is.... *cough* my favorite. 

 This post was totally inspired by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet.

1} I am in love with this snowy scene in my back yard. 
2} Homemade pizza in an attempt to eat at home only. No take out. We failed but not miserably. Not the pizza, that was tasty but the whole not eating out was harder than we thought. Only slipped up 3 times though which is a vast improvement for us. Trying again this month!
3} Time outs are so much fun in our house..... bah!
4} I was so sad, now that we have glass shower doors, that I would lose these shower curtain hooks but then my mom got all brilliant on me and suggested taking the hooks off, gluing magnets, and presto! new fridge magnets!
5} Embracing messy fuschia hair. 
6} A late morning coffee. I love my keurig. 
7} Embracing messy curly fuschia hair. 
8} It's hhheeerrree..... potty training has commenced!
9} Zazu my pretty sun conure :)

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Hold Still

If you haven't noticed, I've taken a little bit of a spontaneous blogging hiatus. Jimmy took this week off of work for my birthday (he does that every year......adorable, right?) and we have just been relaxing, spending quality time, and "unplugging" a little. I'll probably be back sometime next week but until then I wanted to share this silly video I took of Raine dancing last night. Him and Jimmy are obsessed with some of those crazy Yo Gabba Gabba! songs. Have you seen that show? It's ridiculous..... and a tad terrifying but I tolerate it because Raine is a dancing fool.

This is one of their favorite songs.... feel free to skip to the middle just to get the general idea:

Kind of disturbing, don't you think? That DJ Lance Rock will mess with your head. Now here's Raine breaking it down for ya. Enjoy.

Have a spectacular weekend, Home Slices :)